We have added another product closing the A320 pedestal series: the Alternate Gravity Gear Lever.

This version of the handle is not functional but looks awesome and fits perfectly to our pedestal box.



alternate gear lever 2

Yesterday we had the unique chance to visit the impressive location of TFC Käufer in Essen (Germany) and do a short flight in one of their A320 simulators. Many thanks to Barbara and Dieter to make this possible.









Back to our own project.

Next step will be to get pedestal box alive. For those who do not remember. My pedestal panels are rather old. At least older than this comfortable plug & play solution from Marcin so I will need to wire and staff them myself.

I have taken the official pedestal box from exhibition and have mounted all my panels. Think I will not sleep good at night until I have everything up and running.... ;-)

pedestal box2

pedestal box3

Dear all,

A few of us might know that Bottrop is located in one of the last mining areas in Germany. Damage from mining activities are very common in this area and unfortunately our home is affected. During the last three years more and more cracks in walls appeared and at the end the whole southern outer wall was pressed around 2 cm into our house. In addition to the house distorted and our garden received severe damage.

Until end of last year we believed the best solution would be to repair the wall, floors, roof, etc. as we invested much of our time (and money) to renovate the building only a few years ago. Then the day came when mining company announced that we will have to move for around seven months to let the workers do the repairs. The whole southern outer wall was to be replaced.

After some good talks with friends and a couple of beers we decided in January 2014 that we will give up and brake down our home.


This sounds bad and of course we could imagine to spend our time in a better way during the next 1.5 years. But at the end we have made this decision and we have put much fantasy on how our new house will look like. And yeah - if everything goes right - we will have a separate unit only for our sim! ;-)

After a planning phase of around nine months we will now begin with our preparation to move. Fortunately our kind neighbours will give us a unit for rent during the next months which is only around 30 m away from our acutual residence. This is perfect for us and our kids of course. But it will be still a challenge to get all done as Silke and I are both working full time and usually both our jobs are not done with normal working hours.

So please do not be surprise if we announce today that we need to reduce our blogging activity a bit for around two our three months until we got everything sorted out. Our schedule is to step by step pack our things (two boxes every day... ) and move end of January.

See you,

PS: Our online shop and VIER IM POTT business will not be affected at any time!

Hi all,

Well another question on side base. Hope this time it will be a bit easier to answer. ;-)

As far as we could find out the tiller panel has its own backlighting. And for sure - you can dimm this panel like all others. Does anybody know by which dimm knob this backlight is controlled?

Your help is very appreciated!

+++ UPDATE +++

Ben from Italy was so kind to answer our question: backlight illumination of tillers is provided by the INTEG LT MAIN PNL with the PED POT situated on the lower left side of pedestal.

Many thanks, Ben!

+++ UPDATE (2) +++

René from The Netherlands has provided us a document with the relevant details market in yellow. Download

Thank you, René!


tiller backlight


+++ Update +++

Another reader of this blog was so kind to point the schematic of the backlighting. Thank you very much, your help is allways appreciated!

10737974 10205050568370236 532618959 o


Have you ever seen this dim knob that close? This is an original one from under the glare shield. Maybe some day we will do a replica of this knob too...

dim knob replica under glare shield

Friday, October 31st 2014 - Day 0

Hi all,

We arrived at Lelystad Aerodrome and started to setup our booth. Tomorrow will be showtime! ;-)


Image Gallery - Lelystad Day 0


Saturday, November 1st 2014 - Day 1

Fantastic day!

We had a really good day at the exhibishion showing our work from the last few months. We met so many nice people - partly known only by email - and had some really good discussions about our products and flight simulation in general. So we are really looking forward to tomorrow.


Image Gallery - Lelystad Day 1



It's getting excited. We start to pack our things. Shell Frame got partially disassembled to fit into our van. We hope to build it up again withing 30 minutes... ;-)

a320 shell frame

2014-10-26 15.34.57-1

Meanwhile, we have been working for over three years with the construction of our home cockpit. Last year around the same time we took a self-developed pedestal box to Lelystad and have carefully tested the market.

In the last 12 months we have intensively constructed modules, developed products and built prototypes. Day and night!

And today, a week before the FSweekend 2014, we are ready!




It would be a lie to say we are not a little proud of what we have done. Of course, we want and we will continue. There is still much to do. For example, the 3-monitor solution to the MIP, the Single Seater and of course - a project on which we are particularly pleased - the Interior Lining Kit for the shell.

But first we go to Lelystad and show what we have!

The parts for our brand new overhead frame arrived. So let's see, if everything fits together... ;-)

Sidebase Grill stays a mystery!

Thanks to Andy we now know, that there is no cool air coming out of the grill when APU and PACKs are on. So the purpose of the grill is still a mystery.

This incredible discussion continues

Dennis A. has sent us another hint that sidebase grills are for airconditioning purpose. A look into A320 dokumentation shows that the outlets for aircon are quite near these grills and there are also a few other grills with the same part numbers in the cockpit - also near the aircon outlets.

Pressure equalization seems to be off the table as there are specific outlets for this at other places.

To check theorie: Anybody out there who can start APU and Packs and hold hand to the grill to check if cool air is coming out?



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