Dear all,

A few of us might know that Bottrop is located in one of the last mining areas in Germany. Damage from mining activities are very common in this area and unfortunately our home is affected. During the last three years more and more cracks in walls appeared and at the end the whole southern outer wall was pressed around 2 cm into our house. In addition to the house distorted and our garden received severe damage.

Until end of last year we believed the best solution would be to repair the wall, floors, roof, etc. as we invested much of our time (and money) to renovate the building only a few years ago. Then the day came when mining company announced that we will have to move for around seven months to let the workers do the repairs. The whole southern outer wall was to be replaced.

After some good talks with friends and a couple of beers we decided in January 2014 that we will give up and brake down our home.


This sounds bad and of course we could imagine to spend our time in a better way during the next 1.5 years. But at the end we have made this decision and we have put much fantasy on how our new house will look like. And yeah - if everything goes right - we will have a separate unit only for our sim! ;-)

After a planning phase of around nine months we will now begin with our preparation to move. Fortunately our kind neighbours will give us a unit for rent during the next months which is only around 30 m away from our acutual residence. This is perfect for us and our kids of course. But it will be still a challenge to get all done as Silke and I are both working full time and usually both our jobs are not done with normal working hours.

So please do not be surprise if we announce today that we need to reduce our blogging activity a bit for around two our three months until we got everything sorted out. Our schedule is to step by step pack our things (two boxes every day... ) and move end of January.

See you,

PS: Our online shop and VIER IM POTT business will not be affected at any time!

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