Backlighting for Tillers

Hi all,

Well another question on side base. Hope this time it will be a bit easier to answer. ;-)

As far as we could find out the tiller panel has its own backlighting. And for sure - you can dimm this panel like all others. Does anybody know by which dimm knob this backlight is controlled?

Your help is very appreciated!

+++ UPDATE +++

Ben from Italy was so kind to answer our question: backlight illumination of tillers is provided by the INTEG LT MAIN PNL with the PED POT situated on the lower left side of pedestal.

Many thanks, Ben!

+++ UPDATE (2) +++

René from The Netherlands has provided us a document with the relevant details market in yellow. Download

Thank you, René!


tiller backlight


+++ Update +++

Another reader of this blog was so kind to point the schematic of the backlighting. Thank you very much, your help is allways appreciated!

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