New Product Development...

We started a new product development to enhance realism especially to private and commercial entertainment customers who want to achieve maximum immersion. Stay tuned!

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Modular Shell Frame System

We often receive message from customers who are interested in an A320 flight simulator but are also faced with room size restrictions.

For those customers we invented our modular shell frame system which allows different holds for overheads and professional or home made shell liner components.

Today we feel we should explain the principle of this system a bit. Enjoy the video...



New Product version: Shell Size M

Dear all, we are happy to officially announce: the Shell Size M

As you might know the shell consists of a Shell Frame to which the various Lining Kit Elements are attached. The combination then results in a closed cockpit, which corresponds in its dimensions to an original cockpit. Many of our customers have a limitation in room size so we decided to design a closed cockpit that fits even in smaller rooms.

Dimensions 293 cm (width), 190 cm (depth), 180 cm (height)

In contrast to the Standard Shell, the Shell Size M ends after the side window. All other proportions also correspond to the original. Due to the shortened shell, the Aft Overhead Panel has to be dispensed with, but this has practically no effect in regular flight operations.

This version might also be a good alterantive if your room height is limited but you to not want to do without a 180 degree projection.


 Cockpit Size M 2


Here is the A320 Shell in Standard size for comparison:

 Cockpit 1 1

Custom Shell Solution

We are always ready for special challenges. This time our customer had less than 2.5 m width available for his cockpit. We designed a solution that needs even less space but gives a very impressive feeling while flying.

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Prototyping completed!

We have finalized our prototyping and closed shell with lining kit has been transfered into 3D. We are now preparing series production.




Shell Prototyping

Shell prototyping in progress. Shortly we will have all openings closed and production of the final parts will start.

shell prototype low

Big plans

We have it on our mind from the first day of building simulator cockpits - the cockpit shell. Finally we started development of a closed cockpit shell based on our shell frame structure. This project will be a challenging one. Not only from the technical point of view. But also from the massive space we will need.

2015-04-24 13.45.45

Shell Frame Variante

Nachdem einige danach gefragt haben, gibt es jetzt auch eine Variante, die einen breiten Einstieg von hinten in das Cockpit zulässt.

In den nächsten Tagen müssen wir das gute Stück gleich schon wieder abbauen, dann macht sich der Prototyp auf den Weg nach England.

Die Bilder sehen wegen der Weitwinkelverzerrung etwas krum aus...

Shell Frame Variant

A few of you guys asked for a variant with a back side wide open to allow a better view from aft. Well, we tried and here it is.

During the next days this frame will be disassembled again and on the way to the UK.

Pictures do not look too good due to wide view panoramic distortion....

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