How to mount a sidestick on a Logitech Attack 3 Joystick


Sidestick 4

We often get the question, how to install a side stick on a joystick mechanic. Markus from Austria has kindly taken the trouble and documented the whole procedure for cockpit builders:

 Tools you need:

  • Wood Saw
  • Wirecutter
  • telephone pliers
  • Dremel (alternative: file)
  • Soldering iron (15W) + solder
  • Allen wrench


1. Remove of the original handle
Remove all the screws on the handle, (there are two screws below the rubber sleeve). On the bottom part of the handle there is a tap that holds the two parts of the handle together.

2. Unsolder the connector of the original keys of the handle
Use the soldering iron.

3. Prepare column for placing the side stick (see image)

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Cut the spar as far as possible, the wire with the jack for connecting the buttons should be able to be bent. Remove all in the picture pink inked parts (use a cutter, plier etc.).Finally sand the remaining part of the spar carefully so that you can put on the sidestick. Before you do that, do not forget to remove the grub screw (use the allen wrench) from the sidestick.

4. Solderwires of the sidestick to the connector
Connect the joystick to the PC. Open the control panel for game controllers. Use a Jumper to find out which hole on the jack must be connected to the corresponding cables. This can vary from joystick to joystick, mine was as follows:

  • Left socket: minus pole for both buttons
  • Very right and second from right socket: plus pole for each button.

Unplug the joystick. Now solder the sidestick cables to the connector you have unsoldered from the joystick's original circuit board (as described in item 2 above). One red and one black wire together on the minus pole and one red on the one and one black on the other plus pole. Do not forget to use shrink tubing and cut the cables as shot as possible.

5. Check the buttons
Plug the soldered connector into the joysticks Jack and connect the joystick to the PC. Open the control panel for game controllers. Push the buttons and check if the control panel shows that they react properly. Disconnect the joystick from the PC.

6. Final assembly
Put the sidestick on the spar. The farther the sidestick is put on the spar the more realistic is the feeling and the the more power you need to operate the joystick. I have put the sidestick as far as possible onto the spar, it now is only a few millimeters above the rubber sleeve. Ideally, the postponement is very strict and the sidestick holds as good at the handle.

7. Align sidestick
and tighten the two set screws.


Bear in mind that the side stick is heavier than the origial handle. So the spring force of the stick should still be very high. The higher the sidestick is attached to the spar, the better. In general this is all done within 30 minutes.


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