Only cool brands are copied (part 2)

Another chapter of the book "only cool brands are copied".... :-)

We found this product by chance on the internet. It looks a lot like our original in the photo.

Actually, it's cool when we find one of our product images in a foreign shop.

Unfortunately have no business relationship with this company. We therefore doubt that customers will receive this product when purchasing it.

And look at the logo, color and the claim "Next generation ...". Guys, we are honored :-)



Welcome to our new website! 

After several month of work we made the following improvements:

  • website is now optimized for smartphones
  • most static parts (except blog articles and shop) are now translated to German language
  • new configurator to try out custom assemblies
  • added picture and video galleries
  • added dimensional sheets 
  • added support information
  • added detailed information about premium plug & fly
  • added detailed planning tipps for your simulator
  • added proposals for complete simulator packages
  • ...


Only cool brands are copied....Part 2

A few years ago we made a funny discovery with a company copying all of our products.

See here: Blog

Last week we found out that it happened again:

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Wow. They even copied my personal story :-)

We kindly asked them to remove our products but they did not comply. So just to let you know: These guys are neither VIER IM POTT nor they are authorized reseller. If you order from them - you may get something else or nothing.

Only one thing we have in common. We both recommend our MIP Stand :-D


Flight Simulation is about passion and dedication. And even our van for European deliveries shows this dedication.... ;-)

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Only good brands are copied... ;-)

You may ask you why we partly show very little details of our products on our website. Well, you can see below a reason for this.

There are people outside that not only take our product ideas and pictures but also copy our text and claims word by word.

We really feel flattered. Only cool brands are copied by others. ;-)







The secret of naming

Have you ever wondered where the name "VIER IM POTT" comes from? Well, the name has a history and this is a little hint to solve the puzzle... :-)

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Hallo zusammen,

Wir sind bis zum 28. April im Urlaub. Alle E-Mails beantworten wir gerne nach unserer Rückkehr. Wir wünschen Euch allen eine schöne Osterzeit!

Happy landings,

Frohe Weihnachten!

Ein spannendes Jahr liegt bald hinter uns und wir alle freuen uns nun auf ein paar ruhige Tage. Wir bedanken uns bei allen Lesern und für die vielen netten Kontakte, mit denen wir über unser gemeinsames Hobby austauschen konnten.

Frohe Weihnachten und einen guten Start ins neue Jahr!

Careful with high pre-payments

We are now building our home cockpit for more than two years and within this period we had intensive contact to a variety of suppliers. In fact most suppliers are represented by companies that have a good reputation. These companies sell ready developed products for a reasonable price like Skalarki and some others do.

But there are companies that sell non-existing products and the money they take is needed to finish development of these products. In many cases the prepaid money is gone and the actual order cannot be processed anymore. The company needs more customer prepayments.

If then the adding value is mostly achieved outside the company (by the need to buy production parts) and in addition degressive effects on quantity need to be captured in order to be competitive it becomes critical for customers.

We had one supplier that took our money and was not able to deliver our order for more than two years. This ends now up at court in a foreign country.

Well, for that kind of situation it always needs to parties. And we were careless enough to trust a website and some kind promises.

It's not our aim to pinpoint to some supplier. But we suggest you to be careful with higher prepayments.

Well situated companies accept prepayments up to 25 % of the whole order and take the rest when ready to deliver.


So, wir melden uns bis Mitte April ab in den Urlaub. Tschüß, bis die Tage!


We made a small update on the gallery and added more images of real aviation. Thanks to our pilot friends providing us exclusive material.

Umstrukturierung der Website

Nachdem sich der überwiegende Teil der Anfragen mittlerweile auf das Home Cockpit bezieht haben wir die Website etwas umgestaltet um dieses Thema weiter in den Vordergrund bringen.

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