Prototyping of sidebase

We have started the construction of the prototype for the A320 sidestick area.

Many months ago we received an email from Dennis, who gave us some really good advice. We would even go so far that his comments have put us in our approach enormously on.

And in the last few days we have just received again an email. Thank you, Dennis - it's the details which make the parts look so realistic in the end. Prototype or not, we will change a few more points.

Sidebase Construction

The construction of the A320 Side base is largely completed.

Open is in principle only the issue with the flashlight. Here we are expected to rely on a standard flashlight of a brand manufacturer because the lamp is a safety feature, for example, during a power failure of the simulator.

Neu im Shop

Sidestick und Faltenbalg

Wir haben zwei neue Produkte in unseren Shop aufnehmen. Einen A320 Sidestick in einer Version für den CPT oder den F/O. Der Stick ist für die Montage auf einem Joystick oder einem anderen geeigneten Steuergerät gedacht. Alle Schalter und Knöpfe sind mit einem Kabel am unteren Ende herausgeführt und können an die Joystickmechanik angeschlossen werden.

Passend dazu - der graue Faltenbalg, der die Mechanik abgedeckt.

New: Sidestick and Bellow

We added two new products to our shop. An A320 Sidestick, CPT or F/O side to be mounted on a joystick or any other suitable steering device. Sidestick comes with all buttons working, cable supplied.

Also new - the rubber bellow to hide stick mechanics.

Visiting Henrik

Today Christian took the chance to visit Henrik (Germany) and test a simulator completely staffed with panels from Skalarki.

Many thanks - Henrik - for flying with a rookie like me.... ;-)

Verkauf Prototyp Pedestal Box

### verkauft ###

Wir verkaufen einen der beiden Prototypen unserer A320 Pedestalbox.

Die Box ist im Detail im Shop beschrieben.

Die Serie unterscheidet sich nur sehr minimal in folgenden Punkten:

- Das Einsetzen der Plug and Play Panels von Skalarki ist etwas fummelig, ist aber kein Problem.
- Die untere Befestigung des TQ fehlt - kann aber ohne großen Aufwand nachgerüstet werden.

Die Oberflächen sind alle kratzfrei und in Ordnung. Keine Beulen oder andere Beschädigungen. Lediglich der graue Abschluss oben hat Farbabplatzer. Wenn alle Panels eingebaut sind, sieht man das aber nicht mehr, da die Stellen von den Panels verdeckt werden.

Preisvorstellung 1.499,00 EUR (ca. 37 % Discount auf das Serienmodell)

Fragen beantworten wir gerne! Eine vorherige Besichtigung ist natürlich möglich.

Sale: Prototype Pedestal Box

- ### sold ###

We sell one of the two prototypes A320 Pedestal Box.

The box is described in detail in our Online-Shop.

The series differs only very minimal in the following points:

- The mounting of the Plug and Play Panels of Skalarki is somewhat tricky, but it is not a problem.
- The lower attachment of the TQ is missing - but it can be easily retrofitted.

The surfaces are all scratch-free and in perfect condition. No dents or other damage. Only the gray close up has some chips. When all the panels are installed, you can not see this since the points are hidden by the panels.

Asking price 1499.00 EUR (approx. 37% discount on the standard model)

We are happy to answer your questions!

Joystick Mounting

To find an answer to the joystick mounting height we do a little test. By doing that the answer is easily found.

Is the pivot (the point where the joystick center turns) high the gray bellows inflate totally correct. If pivot is to low the bellows deforms as it's accessed from the side only.

Shell Frame im Shop - UPDATE

Einige Monate nach dem Verkaufsstart hat sich herauskristallisiert, dass die Mehrzahl der Simmer eher an einer Gesamtlösung mit Metallprofilen interessiert sind und weniger an der Verwendung von alternativen Materialien wie Holz.

Daher haben wir das Produkt überarbeitet und auf Metallprofile optimiert. Dadurch ist es in Summe etwas günstiger und einfacher zu bestellen geworden.

Es gibt immer noch die Möglichkeit sich die Metallprofile selbst zu besorgen, was gerade für das europäische und nicht europäische Ausland hinsichtlich der Transportkosten am sinnvollsten erscheint. Den Rest gibt es als Paket aus einer Hand.

Shell Frame in Shop - UPDATE

A few months after launch it has emerged that the majority of you guys are more interested in an overall solution with metal profiles and less on the use of alternative materials such as wood.

Therefore we have revised and optimized the product for metal profiles. This has made it in total cheaper and easier to order.

There is still the possibility to obtain the metal profiles themselves, which seems for the European and non-European countries in terms of transport costs the most sense. The rest is available as a package from a single source.

Height of Sidestick Mechanics

Next question is about mounting height of sidestick mechanics. This is gonna be an important one. We also use a joystick. Not one for gaming but for heavy duty.

Independently from what you use - the big question is how deep this part must be mounted in relation to the pivot of the stick.

We will find out.

Sidestick Area

Modelling of outer parts has been finished. So far a not very hard exercise. As a next step we take care about control elements in sidestick area.

We decided for tiller of Opencockpits. Regarding the side stick slope we simply use the product of our partner Cockpit Concept.

User Acceptance Test

User Acceptance Test - passed! ;-)

Und wir sind jetzt erst mal ein paar Tage weg...

User Acceptance Test

User Acceptance Test....passed! ;-)

We are now off for a couple of days...

Shell Frame Variant

A few of you guys asked for a variant with a back side wide open to allow a better view from aft. Well, we tried and here it is.

During the next days this frame will be disassembled again and on the way to the UK.

Pictures do not look too good due to wide view panoramic distortion....

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