Knobs Production

The first large-scale production of knob is finished.

On request there is now a special button for the Audio Control Panel (ACP) available. It fits perfectly on the panels of Skalarki and is transparent so that it can be appropriately illuminated, if the respective channel is active. With greater demand, we will offer it in the shop.

Floor and Shell Design

The floor and shell design fit each other so far. We considered to build the floor also made ​​of metal. But honestly - everything can be exaggerating...

Cockpit Floor

The bottom of the shell is formed. First, as always digital. However, this way you can calculate and estimate where and what braces are needed to get transportable units. As we build a A320, very little cable must be installed below the floor.

More exciting is the question of the carpet. A friend strongly advised us to buy some quality, as subsequent exchange would be extremely costly. He's definitely right!

A320 Shell Frame

The frame of the shell is ready now. Later the other shell elements like windows and ceiling parts will be mounted to that constructin.

If design proofs to be good, we may provide the fittings as do-it-yourself kit (DIY). In our simulator, we will use 40 x 40 mm Boschs profiles, but basically appropriate timber beams should also work.

Support Structure

Since the supporting structure must later take up the entire weight of the simulator, we do not save material.

Who knows whether this construction will end up on a motion platform ... ;-)

Shell Frame Construction

In recent months, we have been working on the individual components. Now we will begin with the construction of the shell frame.

Here we use the solid model from our previous considerations and build a support structure.

Vier im Pott - Home Cockpit Parts Shop is airborne!

Since we want the blog mainly talk about our private home cockpit project here, we have created a special Facebook page for our company. There we will publish exclusive information on the commercial production at irregular intervals.

And today we will be on the road towards Lelystad with the first products for the fair. Logistically this is probably the biggest challenge, because we have not that big car to transport several pedestals and all the other stuff....

Visiting Ben in Dresden - Pedestal Prototyping

Christian took the chance to make a one-day trip to Dresden and visit Ben. It was absolutely faszinating to see his workplace. Ben - the boss himself gave detailled information about material options etc.

Personal highlight certainly was the first look on the pedestal prototype. Wow! Christian would have loved to take it with him. But now way at this stage building. He left all panels and MCDUs there instead to optimize fitting.

Still a lot to do until prototype is reproducable but hopefully everything will be ready soon.

Prototyping shark gills

The pedestal box has ventilation openings like shark gills.

To realize this feature we were forced to change the whole construction as the medal thickness is very thin and the carrying parts must belt in a different way.

The pictures show the prototyping of the gills.

This way of production is quite compex but in relation to realism it's worth the effort.

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