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What is Premium Plug & Fly?

Premium Plug & Fly is our high quality series which is delivered mostly assembled so that you can start flying as soon as possible. This means that wiring of panel sections are done at delivery. Computers are pre-configured as far as possible. The only thing you need to do is to connect the main cables and do some final steps before you are ready for take-off.

Who should buy Premium Plug & Fly products?

In fact the most important thing you will save is time. The components are already mostly assembled on arrival you will not need to deal with loads of screws and wires. Most of our commercial customers choose Premium Plug & Fly products, especially when they are located far away from Germany. With Premium Plug & Fly products you can assemble your simulator without us being present if you like. But also private customers do appreciate the convenience of not having to worry about details. Of course you still should build some knowledge to ensure daily operations, but you probably never need to know which cable goes where. This is how our Premium Plug & Fly products are delivered.

I am a private customer but I don't want to assemble myself.

Then Premium Plug & Fly is the best possible option for you. We deliver components pre-configured to you and ensure that all needed components are included. No need for any headache.

What is the difference between our Home Series and Premium Plug & Fly products?

Premium Plug & Fly products are already pre-assembled when they are shipped. You can find here a complete comparison.

What if I want you to assemble my simulator for me?

Not a problem at all. Our team will travel to your place and either complete your team or take care about your turn-the-key solution. We will do a proper installation and do a final test flight with you to ensure that everything is working perfectly.


Are Premium Plug & Fly products more expensive?

Well, of course Premium Plug & Fly products are more expensive as we spend the time to pre-assemble and test the simulator at our production site in Dresden, Germany. But if you need to hire a payed team to build the simulator at your place it is most likely that our preparation will make assembly work significant faster, cheaper and more secure.

Is there a difference in After Sales support between Premium Plug & Fly and the Home Series?

In general this is not the case. But Premium Plug & Fly customers can sign a support contract with us and ensure that they are always on the fast lane in case of questions. They also will receive spare parts directly.

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