We are testing some updates from Fly-Elise and re-calibrate our the visual system. Colors are much brighter and everything look nice and sharp. Now it's impressive like it should be again.


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Dear all,

UST (Ultra Short Throw) projectors are not very common in the flight simulator community (and we normally don't use it!). But they are ideal when you have a very limited space and you need a very large picture und you can only provide a very small distance between projector and wall.

Vivitek DH758UST

We are using a Vivitek projector and we are really happy with it. Amazing peace of technique. This projector has an external mirror to enable this extremely wide picture.

Unfortunately we had to learn that this mirror is deforming when the projector heats up. you cannot see this only with your eyes and normally this would not matter at all. But within a warping environment this causes lots of troubles as you can see on the video. The picture will change during warm-up. And unfortunately also during normal operation. It seems that it "breathes". In every case it's not possible to get a constant exact blending.


We don't write this to blame Vivitek. But we know that our blog is read by a lot of people and some of you adapt our ideas for their home cockpits (which is great!). We will live with that behavior but we thought we should spend a little time to inform you about this quite unusual issue.


The video shows a loop of the first 20 minutes after lighting the projector. Look closely when the loop starts from the beginning.



On frequent demand our configurator is back online. With this unique tool you can try different combinations of our products. Both for Premium Plug & Fly and for the Home Series. If you miss something or have suggestions for improvement - we appreciate your feedback.

configurator back

Try our online configurator

6455 vier im pott

We proudly present our most realistic A320 flight simulator at the International Trade Show for General Aviation in Friedrichshafen. Looking forward to seeing you there!


We are re-inventing our showroom and sell items we used at our production site in Dresden, Germany


Front and Aft Overhead


  • Front and/or Aft overhead section
  • Amber backlight
  • Scope of delivery as shown on the picture
  • Delivered with frame, already mounted and working
  • No warranty


Net price for front and overhead section: 3,799 EUR

Net price for front overhead section: 2,999 EUR

Net price for aft overhead section: 899 EUR

Pick-up or delivery (with extra costs) possible



Pedestal SOLD!


  • Amber backlight
  • Scope of delivery as shown on the picture
  • Delivered with or without pedestal box
  • Dimmers are not working but can easily be replaced
  • Compatible with Skalarki MCDU and TQ
  • No warranty

Net Price for Premium Plug & Fly Pedestal Box:  1,299 EUR

Net Price for Panels : 1,999 EUR

Pick-up or delivery (with extra costs) possible

First come, first serve!

p3d 4.2

New version of Prepar3D is released.

P3D, Skalarki and ProSimA320 are running fine on our systems. However check your add-ons (e.g. ActiveSky) for possible updates.

Dear customers,

We experienced that the Windows Creator Update causes some issues to several parts of our own and some third party software. To ensure that you can quickly solve these issues please follow the advice below:

  1. Before confirming the update procedure make sure that Fly-Elise Immersion Display Pro is not automatically starting!

  2. After the windows creator update you will need to reinstall drivers for Skalarki Hardware.
    (see: Skalarki USB Driver Tutorial)

  3. Uninstall Immersive Display Pro and install the latest version (v2.2r5 or higher)
    (see: Fly Elise Download Immersive Display Pro)

  4. Update Skalarki Profiler AND ProSim A320 to the latest version.

Make sure that you have done step 1 before you allow the Windows Creator Update. Otherwise your screen may stay black. In this case please boot your computer in safe mode and remove Immersive Display Pro from autostart by searching for this path "C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup".

VIER IM POTT is your supplier for very realistic and high quality A320 cockpit replica. Depending on your requirements, your personal skills, the time available and your budget, we offer customized solutions for everyone.

We offer two product lines for commercial and private customers:


Plug & Fly Home Series

Components are delivered mostly assembled with all components mounted, wired and pre-tested. You just need to plug some cables according to our installation instructions.

Components are delivered disassembled. You will need to assemble it yourself and do the some wiring with pre-configured and labelled cables.
Very high and durable quality, structural components made from aluminium, plastic and fibre glass. Painted or powder coated. Support structure for wiring and power supply.
Same as Premium Plug & Fly (!)
Without PSU holders.
Easily mount pre-assembled components e.g. with screwdriver. Connect cables according to given labels,
Mount components according to our simple mounting instructions (may consume some time). You do not need to paint something.
Wire components with pre-configured cable sets. No soldering is necessary except for sidebase (contact us, if you cannot do this).
Assembly instructions, phone, e-mail, Teamviewer, Skype or Whats-App Support.

Same as Premium Plug & Fly

Pick- at our production site in Dresden or Freight Forwarding company

Pick- at our production site in Dresden or cheap standard postal service (DHL). We always ship or products insured with online-tracking.
On-site Assembly and Training
You can book our installation team to do the complete local installation and get a turn-the-key solution.
Additional on-site training how to work with the simulator possible.
On-site Assembly and Training
Possible but usually not requested.


You can mix both options according to your skills and budget. Both product lines are fully compatible!

Try assemblies yourself in our

Check out our Home Series

In case of questions please send us your briefing. We are happy to consult you.
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