We definitely need more space. And we will get some! In Q4/2019 VIER IM POTT will be moving to a larger factory/office in Dresden.

more space

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It's a pleasure for us to promote our commercial customer Aero-Simulation by JetCity in France, near Paris-Orly. The simulator is located in the Delta Museum and mainly used for public activity. 

"We are proud to use a VIER IM POTT simulator. Our customers are really impressed by the realism and quality of the shell. Most professional pilots express that it feels "like a real cockpit" when they fly with it. Congratulations to the VIER IM POTT team and thanks again." 

- Pierre Letessier., France

The simulator is mainly used for public activity and it can also be adapted for handicap people using a wheelchair on boths sides. Some real pilots are in contact with Aero Simulation to use the sim as a private training device before their own exams. As they are located in the Delta Museam they can offer a visit of the famous concored after the flight.

Please visit their website: 

Musée Delta - 1 Avenue Bernard Lathière, 91200 Athis-Mons  


20181017 180524

One of our customers has built a closed single-seater cockpit with a 180° outside view. To give flight simulator enthusiasts some hints for building such a cockpit, we include the description of his construction in our blog. On the other hand, we are interested in learning about a potential demand for prefabricated VIER IM POTT parts for a single seater. Please contact us if you have questions or suggestions.

Design Objectives

  • The simulator fits in a small room.
  • The simulator can be positioned in a corner of the room in order to save floor space. To provide adequate access for maintenance work, the simulator is relocatable off the walls.
  • The simulator can be disassembled. Even the largest part can be fed through a standard size door (73.5 x 198.5 cm).
  • 180 degree outside view with 4K TV monitors. TVs have been preferred over projectors/screens as they use less space, have more luminance and a better contrast ratio.


  • Dimension of the simulator: 240 x 170 x 200 cm (width x depth x height).
  • The simulator base consists of two 19 mm MDF boards (170 x 120 cm) bolted together. 24 rotating wheels are attached to the bottom of the boards:


To keep the simulator base free from intruding screws, the wheels and struts are glued to the boards. This ensures area-wide 19 mm depth for wood insert nuts.

  • All decomposable parts of the simulator are tied together by M bolts and nuts:


Wood screws have only been used for the reinforcement of non-detachable bonds.

The cockpit rack (side stays and roof beams) is built for adequate load bearing and torsion resistance:

Some VIER IM POTT shell frame parts have been shortened to make the shell frame fit onto the simulator base plate. The overhead panel is suspended to a roof cross-beam in order to obviate positioning restrictions for the monitors.

The asymmetric cockpit is designed to mimic the A320 original as accurately as possible but adapted to the constraints of a single-seater:

  • The monitors cover the entire outside view.
  • The right hand cockpit window is somewhat smaller than the left one because, from the captain’s seat, the field of vision through the right window is more constricted than through the left window.
  • For aesthetic reasons and to better suit requirements for visual flight operations (e.g. right-hand circling approaches), the field of view from the captain’s seat through the right hand side is moderately larger than in the real A320 cockpit.

The cockpit before installation of the monitors and the enclosure:

All self-made parts except the monitor supports (aluminium profiles) are made of wood, mostly of plywood (6 mm and 4 mm) and square wood strips.

Finished cockpit:


Five Samsung 4k TVs arranged as follows:

To cover the wider of the two display bezels, there is a small overlap of the TVs (not shown in the diagram above).

The outside view is defined by a Prepar3D View Group configured according to the monitor setup. Approximate View Frustum Values are:

The single seater configuration and the floor space restrictions precluded a symmetric arrangement of the monitors. Nevertheless, the visual impression is very appealing and gives a stunning flying experience:

Power Supply

  • Three-phase power supply (PE+N+L1+L2+L3):
    L1    computers, USB hubs, Ethernet switch
    L2    monitors
    L3    Skalarki panels, audio amplifiers
  • L1+L2+L3 are switched on/off by three 12V relays activated by a small rocker switch in the cockpit. There are no high-voltage cables leading to the cockpit. To protect the relays, the in series connection of 16A inrush current limiters is highly recommended as some of the PSUs (Power Supply Units) draw quite a high starting current.


  • Two high-end PCs:
    Intel Core i7 8700K, 6 Core, overclocked to 4.77 GHz
    16 GB DDR4-RAM, 3GHz
    1 TB Samsung 970 EVO SSD
    ASUS Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti, 11GB GDDR5X
  • The PCs can be switched on and off remotely from the cockpit.


  • Prepar3D Professional Plus  ‖  Skalarki Profiler  ‖  ProSimA320  ‖  FSGlobal Ultimate Next Generation  ‖  ORBX  ‖  Active Sky  ‖  Navigraph Simlink  ‖  Remote Flight Map HD  ‖  Startup Delayer.
  • Prepar3D multichannel configuration:
       Monitors  1  &  5  connected to the host computer
       Monitors  2  &  3  &  4  connected to the client computer


It's a honour, to introduce the first VIER IM POTT Flight Simulator in the Seoul Simulation Center in South Korea.

The simulator has been pre-assembled in Germany. The final installation was done by the local team with remote support from us.

Congratulations - Good job!

SSC Website






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ssc7Simulator on the picture is shown during a testflight...

After several month of work we made the following improvements:

  • website is now optimized for smartphones
  • most static parts (except blog articles and shop) are now translated to German language
  • new configurator to try out custom assemblies
  • added picture and video galleries
  • added dimensional sheets 
  • added support information
  • added detailed information about premium plug & fly
  • added detailed planning tipps for your simulator
  • added proposals for complete simulator packages
  • ...


We recently had a visit from a pilot team from Spain. It was really intersting to see how differently professionals test our products. Private customers usually intend to fly the aircraft perfectly. Commercial customers always try to brake the plane and do something they are not allowed in real simulators... :-)

IMG 2974

 a320 prosim

 Especially when your are flying in adverse weather conditions it is important that your instruments....





display settings


Interesting departure from Graz. Heading west towards Friedrichshafen.

We simply love flying!

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A few years ago we made a funny discovery with a company copying all of our products.

See here: Blog

Last week we found out that it happened again:

chrome 2018 08 29 12 30 59

Wow. They even copied my personal story :-)

We kindly asked them to remove our products but they did not comply. So just to let you know: These guys are neither VIER IM POTT nor they are authorized reseller. If you order from them - you may get something else or nothing.

Only one thing we have in common. We both recommend our MIP Stand :-D

Hi all, 

Some customers have asked us for tricks on how to defeat the dust in a simulator without having to disassemble everything or damage the panels. So here's the way we do it.

First, we need to locate the vacuum cleaner in the house. With a furniture brush with very soft bristles (such as horsehair), the dust can be removed even from the smallest corners and the Sim looks like new again. In addition, this procedure does not take long and you can fly back quickly.

IMG 1387

IMG 1388

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