VIER IM POTT is your supplier for very realistic and high quality A320 cockpit replica. Depending on your requirements, your personal skills, the time available and your budget, we offer customized solutions for everyone.

We offer two product lines for commercial and private customers:


Plug & Fly Home Series

Components are delivered mostly assembled with all components mounted, wired and pre-tested. You just need to plug some cables according to our installation instructions.

Components are delivered disassembled. You will need to assemble it yourself and do the some wiring with pre-configured and labelled cables.
Very high and durable quality, structural components made from aluminium, plastic and fibre glass. Painted or powder coated. Support structure for wiring and power supply.
Same as Premium Plug & Fly (!)
Without PSU holders.
Easily mount pre-assembled components e.g. with screwdriver. Connect cables according to given labels,
Mount components according to our simple mounting instructions (may consume some time). You do not need to paint something.
Wire components with pre-configured cable sets. No soldering is necessary except for sidebase (contact us, if you cannot do this).
Assembly instructions, phone, e-mail, Teamviewer, Skype or Whats-App Support.

Same as Premium Plug & Fly

Pick- at our production site in Dresden or Freight Forwarding company

Pick- at our production site in Dresden or cheap standard postal service (DHL). We always ship or products insured with online-tracking.
On-site Assembly and Training
You can book our installation team to do the complete local installation and get a turn-the-key solution.
Additional on-site training how to work with the simulator possible.
On-site Assembly and Training
Possible but usually not requested.


You can mix both options according to your skills and budget. Both product lines are fully compatible!

Try assemblies yourself in our

Check out our Home Series

In case of questions please send us your briefing. We are happy to consult you.
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We proudly present the ultimate solution for A320 home cockpit builders.
Unsurpassable realism and quality for a reasonable price.


a320 trainer 2017


  • Buy cockpit structure components from us.
  • Receive your order incl. assembly instructions.
  • Assemble our products without extraordinary know-how.
  • Add panel electronics directly from Skalarki.
  • Go flying!

Our Home Series products have the fantastic VIER IM POTT quality and are 90 % equal to our professional products. Same material, mostly same components. Metal parts are powder coated to ensure perfect durability.

Major difference to our Plug & Fly products is that you will need to spend your time with assembly. If assembly time is not a problem - our A320 Home Series is the best option for you!

We are 100 % compatible with the products from Skalarki Eletronics Ltd.


Please visit our shop.

During the last weeks we delivered several simulators to three continents of the world. As business seems to continue like this VIER IM POTT is searching for a larger production site.


a320 home cockpit production1

a320 home cockpit production2

a320 home cockpit production4

The team is working on orders while we are looking for more space.... ;-)

IMG 7004

IMG 6995

IMG 6998

IMG 7003

IMG 6994

IMG 6997



You want to select your components yourself But you don't want to buy a pre-defined product?

We offer a lot of options and most flexibility to fit your needs.

With our new online configurator tool you can assemble your desired components and calculate costs prior to any formal request. Quick and easy.

Try it out here


It's hard to find a suitable configuration of our products especially for people who are not that deep into our product range. Therefore we have set up some pre-configured A320 simulators and made a page where you can compare these configurations.




We hope that makes the entry a bit easier for you. Feel free to check our product comparison and let us know what you think.

Did you know that it's possible to let us customize your parts if necessary?

In this example we have cut 10 cm of the F/O side base and changed position of tiller to make it it into a small room.

2015-02-11 12.23.57  2015-02-11 13.32.25

Our current production slot ends on end of February. So lots to do today. The team spends the whole Saturday painting more than 100 parts.


2015-02-11 09.57.54


2015-02-14 09.15.44


2015-02-14 16.04.21

2015-02-14 13.26.18

A new batch of knobs arrived. Now we are ready for Lelystad On-Site Sales..... ;-)

We increased stock level also for shell frame parts...


During the next weeks we plan to develop a shell frame version especially for smaller rooms.

Auch für den Shell-Frame haben wir den Lagerbestand erhöht...

In den nächsten Wochen wollen wir noch eine Version des Shell Frames speziell für kleine Räume entwickeln.

Last months showed that we receive significant more orders than expected. Therefore we increased our stock level during the last weeks.

Es hat sich ja nun doch gezeigt, dass deutlich mehr Bestellungen eingehen als erwartet. Daher haben wir in den letzten Wochen (u.a.) ziemlich intensiv an unserem Warenbestand gearbeitet...

Sidestick und Faltenbalg

Wir haben zwei neue Produkte in unseren Shop aufnehmen. Einen A320 Sidestick in einer Version für den CPT oder den F/O. Der Stick ist für die Montage auf einem Joystick oder einem anderen geeigneten Steuergerät gedacht. Alle Schalter und Knöpfe sind mit einem Kabel am unteren Ende herausgeführt und können an die Joystickmechanik angeschlossen werden.

Passend dazu - der graue Faltenbalg, der die Mechanik abgedeckt.

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