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Product List

Product List
Cockpit Builder


A320 | MIP Stand CPT Side | Cockpit Builder 1,650.00 EUR

Solid aluminum frame and plastic parts prepared for MIP panels - 2-pieces high quality MIP main panel - loudspeaker panel - shipped with all necessary screws and fittings - partial powdercoated in RAL 5008 - includ

A320 | Glare Shield CPT Side | Cockpit Builder 699.00 EUR

Solid aluminum frame and plastic parts prepared for FCU and Glare Wings Single - shipped with all necessary screws and fittings - partial powdercoated in RAL 5008 - including assembly instruction - matching with MIP Home Single - without attentio

A320 | FCU and Glare Package CPT Side | Cockpit Builder 1,259.00 EUR

FCU P&P CPT side - Glare Wing CS and FO P&P

A320 | MIP Panel Set Professional CPT Side | Cockpit Builder 1,325.00 EUR

A320 Autobrake Panel P&P - A320-232 EFIS Controls CPT (P&P) - A320 Landing Gear Lever - A320 ISIS - A320 TERR ON ND - A320 Chrono (P&P) - Tripple Gauge (P&P) - ID plate with your personalized data

A320 | MIP Flood Lighting Kit 179.00 EUR

Kit with 4 x 1 W Power LED - 12 VDC dimmer is integrated in pedestal panels - Without 12 VDC Power Supply Unit

A320 | Display Kit for CPT 342.00 EUR

1 x Universal Display Holder - 1 x 17" Widescreen with excellent view angle(!) - 1 x Plexiglas cover

A320 | Display Kit for Center MIP 379.00 EUR

1 x Display Holder - 1 x Center MIP display - 1 x Plexiglas cover

A320 | DDRMI Panel 54.00 EUR

DDRMI Panel to be mounted into the MIP panel

A320 | Table and Footrest Blind Plate 59.00 EUR

Simple metal blind plate to cover table opening - metal - powder coated or painted - RAL 5008

A320 | Pedestal Box | Cockpit Builder 1,190.00 EUR

Metal construction - RAL 5008 powder coated - delivery in individual parts - including all necessary screws and fittings - map holder with beading - without plastic frame and footrests - assembly by customer - without panels and electronics

A320 | Pedestal Box Frame | Cockpit Builder 179.00 EUR

Frame for pedestal box - including footrests

A320 | Pedestal Panel Set CPT Side | Cockpit Builder 4,349.00 EUR

Lower Pedestal with blind plates for printer and door panel - 1 x ACP. 1 x RMP. WX Radar. Flood panel. P&P ATC panel . 1 x dummy ACP/RMP - Switching and ECAM panel - Throttle Quadrant motorised version - 1 x MCDU - Power supply and industrial USB Hub

A320 | CPT Sidebase Stand | Cockpit Builder 899.00 EUR

Fiber glass case - Leather like top - painted - prepared for VIER IM POTT Tiller and Sidestick

A320 | CPT Sidestick with mechanic 889.00 EUR

Sidestick handle - Robust mechanics - Very heavy tactile feeling - Controller box - USB card - Option to connect tiller - Tiller not included

A320 | Tiller with Panel CPT 269.00 EUR

works like the real one - durable product - auto center - central push button - wired with connectors for common USB game controller or joystick cards - included backlighted indicator panel (12 V DC)

A320 | Front Overhead section | Cockpit Builder 599.00 EUR

Metal construction - delivery in individual parts - including all necessary screws and small parts - without back cover - prepared for Shell Frame mounting solution - assembly by customers - incl. assembly documentation - without panels and electronics

A320 | Overhead Panel Set Front | Cockpit Builder 3,399.00 EUR

A320 Forward Overhead assembled - Every single switch. led operational (where simulated) - Back light dimmable

A320 | Mounting Set Overhead Front | Cockpit Builder 69.00 EUR

Aluminium brackets and rotation links - all necessary screws and nuts

A320 | Rudder Pedals CPT 2,999.00 EUR

Heavy duty metal rudder pedals - CPT side - fiber glass cover - usb Plug and Play Interface included - differential brakes support - adjustable pedals position - direct floor mounting - no underground mechanics required (!)

A320 | Shell Frame Light Fittings 659.00 EUR

Metal joints - Necessary screws - No aluminum profiles

A320 | Shell Frame Light Profiles 269.00 EUR

Aluminum profiles to be mounted with Shell Frame Fittings (Joints)


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