A320 Flight Simulator
Premium Plug & Fly

Looking for a flight simulator but don't want to bother with the assembly details? We have the perfect solution for you:
The pre-assembled Premium Plug & Fly A320 Flight Simulator. 

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Realistic details

We develop high-quality components with a great attention to detail. You will enjoy sitting in one of our cockpits.

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Minimum Assembly Time

With our solution, you save valuable time during set-up and can quickly take off for your first flight. 

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Modular System

Our modular system allows you to buy components over the years and upgrade the simulator step by step.

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Very high quality

We produce according to industry standards using high quality materials such as aluminum and fiber glass.

What is Premium Plug & Fly?

Premium Plug & Fly is our high quality and most realistic A320 flight simulator series. We deliver complete solutions with minimal assembly time.

The simulator is delivered largely pre-assembled so you can start flying as soon as possible.

Why buy Premium Plug & Fly?

You'd rather fly than spend time building.

Don't worry about details. You can benefit from our experience and don't have to deal with reams of screws and cables.

What about installation?

We deliver our simulators all over the world. That is why we have designed our products for easy and quick set-up.

You can do the installation yourself with manageable effort. We will assist you remotely.

Premium Service

Room planning

Depending on your space possibilities, we will find a solution together for the installation of your simulator.

Benefit from our many years of experience. In our guide you will find valuable tips for planning your simulator.


Projector and screen calculation

Choosing a suitable combination of projectors and screen is a challenge for many customers. We do the calculation and give you valuable recommendations.

Please send us a message in case you have any questions.



All images show VIER IM POTT serial products.

Our unique tools will help you finding the best configuration.

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What our customers say

"VIER IM POTT are real professionals! The staff are very nice and competent. The service is top! You are well advised and get an answer to every question. You have the feeling that you're not just buying a simulator, but that you're being accompanied from the beginning to the start-up.

The simulators are of high quality and very realistic. Especially during commissioning, you notice how easy it is to set up and install the simulator. Because with the enclosed instructions and technical drawings it is very easy. If you have any problems, you can get help directly from the support team.
Thank you very much! 100% recommendation!"

"The shipment arrived at its destination this morning and I used the time to unpack everything and sort it a bit. There you really feel back to childhood under the Christmas tree.
The items according to the delivery bill are all present and as far as I have seen everything is intact. At this point I would also like to praise your packing skills - the aluminum profiles and the larger sheet metal parts are part of the packaging; a really clever solution."

"During the year 2018, I decided to build a flight simulator myself. Relatively quickly I noticed VIER IM POTT. All relevant information for my decisions I found here. The blog has given me many decision-making aids and guided me the right direction. 

The support from the team was and is always outstanding. Short reaction times and always a qualified answer characterize it. 

I have acquired high-performance and qualitatively best components. Also all innovative in-house developments of VIER IM POTT are excellent. 

Every part is absolutely worth the price. I hope for many more creative ideas and a continued high-quality implementation."

"How to push a Single Seat Cockpit to the limits."

"We are proud to use a VIER IM POTT simulator. Our customers are really impressed by the realism and quality of the shell. Most professional pilots express that it feels "like a real cockpit" when they fly with it. Congratulations to the VIER IM POTT team and thanks again.

"It took me less than 3 hours and very little help of my wife to build the cockpit frame. Very well done and very simple instructions. Quality is superb and the help from you in the purchasing period was unsurpased. I had a very specific request because some space issues and you kindly provided me a solution that suited my needs."

"A320 simulators, amazingly close to the original"

"Good morning, this is the reason behind VIP is the best cockpit manufacturers for simulation in the universe. This is exactly what I'm looking for!!!!"

"Just wanted to tell you that the simulator arrived 15th of April and everyone here is VERY impressed! It looks fantastic, and I can hardly tell the difference from the real thing. It's now under construction and I will send pictures when it's all put together.

I might have a few questions regarding technical details along the way. Tell your team that you are all doing a great job, and I will recommend you to anyone who is interested. Thank you for excellent customer support."

"The assembling was much easier than I would have thought. This is due to an excellent design. The design makes the cockpit not only beautiful but also quite strong and easy to mount."

"The plans provided enabled me to build the simulator myself. I built the framework with a hexagonal spanner, Ikea should take lessons from the engineer who designed this system. I am thrilled about the quality, the parts are just like the original ones in the Airbus. Milled parts, everything numbered and the paint is also ring-resistant. The inner workings, cabling and materials are real engineering work and quality that you can simply feel.

I would like to thank VIER IM POTT for their super support! The team is very competent and helpful. If you have questions, you can also get in touch and get adequate help."

"Big fan of your work..."


Around the world

Join us on a journey from west to east with our A320.


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VIER IM POTT products are in no way affiliated or endorsed by the aircraft manufacturers. Our simulation products are no genuine aircraft manufacturer parts and cannot be used for professional flight training. They functionally resemble the real parts, that cannot be used in a real aircraft and should only be used for simulation purposes.

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