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Why my co-pilot sees the world differently to me!
In flight simulation, the environment is usually transmitted via a screen or TV monitors. This creates a physical effect. What is straight for one pilot is crooked for another. The pilot steers the aircraft in a dead straight line on the taxiway and the co-pilot throws up his hands in disbelief.  Why is that? The effect is created by the pilot...
Performance Optimization - MSFS2020 with 3 Projectors
How can we fly smoothly with three projectors in MSFS2020? Without the latest graphics card and without becoming an expert in performance optimisation? Is that even possible? In the video, we test three tools that are easy to use and can be utilised at no cost. DynamicLOD The tool changes the graphics settings depending on the flight altitude and a...
When switched off projectors are not recognised by Windows 11
During computer maintenance and when we want to try something out, we usually have our projectors switched off to save power and wear and tear. However, since switching our visual system to the new projectors, we have had an annoying problem. If the projectors are switched off, they are no longer recognised by Windows. As a result, the entire scree...
Morning Flight to Vienna
Today's flight takes us from Dresden to Vienna. We want to visit our customer and friend Wolfgang, who has realised an impressive project at his home. When we landed in Vienna, we noticed something unusual that we will have to think about over the next few days. But watch for yourself: If you are interested in his simulator, you can find ...
New 4K visual system - Part 4 - First flight!
During the last days we have replaced the eight year old visual of our A320 flight simulator with a new 4K projection system. This is our first test flight. Ladies and Gentlemen, please fasten your seat belts! We take-off for a first flight!
New 4K visual system - Part 3 - Warping
Warping is the most demanding part of the conversion in terms of software. We use Immersive Designer Pro for planning with our customers because it is easy to calculate various scenarios in advance. This software is usually too expensive and too difficult to learn for a single case. That's why we want to give you a few basic tips here. If in doubt,...
New 4K visual system - Part 2 - Installation
New day. Firstly, we prepare the installation of the projectors. To do this, we first fit the projector holders to the projectors. Then the first projector is mounted. One thing we can say in advance. The overhead work left us with sore muscles the next day. Maybe we should do more sport... ;-) Historically, we have a system of black profiles on th...
New 4K visual system - Part 1 - Preparations
The preparations have been finalised. We have bought three new projectors. Optoma with 4K resolution. You have to realise that we have a very special installation situation in Bottrop. Like many others, we have space problems in the showroom. That's why our screen only has a diameter of 3.16 metres. What's more, we had to shorten the screen at the ...
We fly (virtually, of course) from Finkenwerder to Dresden to prepare the next project. But first we enjoy the beautiful winter weather. Clear air, good visibility and a route that more or less always runs straight ahead. In the meantime, my wife Silke drops by for a quick chat and brings some "liquid relaxation" (actually strictly forbidden in the...
MSFS2020 with a three projector visual
Installation Installing the Microsoft Flight Simulator MSFS2020 is relatively simple. We decided to stream the scenery via the internet, which is no problem if you have a reasonably good internet bandwidth. There are a few points to bear in mind when installing additional software. Initially, we deliberately decided not to install many add-ons...

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