SimVIS and VIER IM POTT Enter New Partnership.

We're delighted to announce that VIER IM POTT, a leading provider of high-quality flight simulators, has formed a strategic partnership with SimVIS, a distinguished specialist in high quality visualisation solutions. This alliance paves the way for us to deliver bespoke, all-in-one turnkey simulator systems that elevate the simulation experience for our premium clientele.

For over a decade, we've been supplying superior flight simulators. Our modular systems cater to individual customers, the entertainment sector, and professional training firms. We've earned a reputation for our dependability and exceptional service. To enhance the realism and immersion of our training, we've selected SimVIS as our latest partner.

Customer Advantages

SimVIS is a pioneer in delivering high-grade visualisation systems for flight simulators. The company provides comprehensive solutions that deliver our customers unparalleled simulation experiences. By continually updating technology and using state-of-the-art hardware, SimVIS can provide unprecedented realistic and immersive visual simulation.  

SimVIS TruVIEW Package Feature

  • Professional On-Site Installation:
    Includes Screen and Gantry assembly, projector and computer installation. 220FOV TruView Calibration and Blending for a seamless image. 
  • Intel i9/Nvidia RTX GPU based XPlane/P3D/MSFS2020 Computer 
  • Custom-made Professional U-Screen + Integrated Projector Gantry:
    Custom made 200-220 Degree FOV MaxVIEW Pro Screen. 
  • Latest HD and 4K-UHD Projector Options: 
    1/ HD LASER-3600lm/10000:1 DLP Projector (30,000hr Laser),
    2/ 4K-UHD 4000lm/10000:1 DLP Projector (10,000hr Replaceable Lamp),
    3/ 4K-LASER 3700lm/10000:1 DLP Projector (30,000hr Laser-NEW FOR 2024). 
  • Hardware and Cables:
    Includes heavy-duty projector mounts 4K HDMI cables 4K DP-HDMI connectors. 
  • Tru-View Warp Software License:
    SimVIS exclusively uses and supplies TruView Warp USB dongle with on all installations for a guaranteed result. SimVIS TruView WARP offers geometry correction and edge blending for curved screens.

High Fidelity visualisation is a critical element for authentic and realistic simulation experiences. SimVIS empowers us to deliver First Class solutions to our premium customers that meet their demands for realistic and reliable simulations.

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Guest - Rick Postma on Tuesday, 02 January 2024 17:54

Good for all! SimVis is the perfect partner! Good luck and good buisiness for you all

Good for all! SimVis is the perfect partner! Good luck and good buisiness for you all
Christian Behne on Tuesday, 02 January 2024 18:13

You can judge that, Rick. Because you were the first to try it out. Thank you for that!

You can judge that, Rick. Because you were the first to try it out. Thank you for that!
Saturday, 22 June 2024

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