Professional Electric Rudders with Control Loading System (CLS)

A few months ago we announced the production of our new electric rudder pedals for the A320. In the meantime, the first sets have been delivered to customers all over the world and we are very happy about so much positive feedback.

The mechanics of the pedals are completely electric and do not require an underfloor construction. Our software driver maps the complete physics of the pedal travel. This means that all forces, damping, spring travel and restoring forces can be defined in detail. Once set, the forces remain the same forever, as they are only simulated by the electrics.

Furthermore, the pedals have no dead null zone and, if desired, no perceptible null setting force. Just like the pedals in a real aircraft.

This is made possible by a sophisticated force measurement and simulation system, which the design team of VIER IM POTT developed in several months of work together with several specialists.

We are pleased to announce that in future Control Loading will not only be usable for professional training, but will also be available in the entertainment sector and for ambitious private customers. 

This is an option that, as far as we know, has not yet been available on the market. 

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