We love flight simulation
Is flight simulation a business? No doubt about it. Are we happy about sales? Of course! But it's the rare evenings we can spend in the simulator ourselves. Moments when we dive deep into the simulation and forget the world around us. We love flight simulation...!
Tutorial - Cockpit Ventilation System
In a closed cockpit, the air can get a bit stuffy. Especially when several pilots are working in it for a long time with strenuous approach training. VIER IM POTT offers a suitable product for this. But we thought that the topic is also interesting for the many cockpit builders among you. Goal We aim to build a simple multi-stage controllable ...
Showroom Bottrop upgrade in progress
The friendly truck driver has brought a new toy for the flight simulator in the Bottrop showroom. In the next few days we will unpack and install it. We are already very excited! 
Sommer has gone...
The days full of sunshine and warm weather have gone. Autumn is coming. We are back in the cockpit improving our landing skils.
Throwback to FSweekend in Lelystad 2014
It has been a long time since we first exhibited our simulators in Lelystad. My goodness, we were still young back then :-) Admittedly, we don't go to trade fairs as exhibitors any more. The effort is simply too great. But we still like to go there and meet the community. That's the best thing about it. Lots of nice people in one place. 
Sidebase Configuration Options for Cockpit Builder
Our cockpits are very modular and we have different options for the sidebase. Sidestick handle  Bellow Tiller The sidestick mechanism is available in two versions: Original-like high-quality mechanism with oil damping.This mechanism is intended for the demanding pilot. It can hardly be distinguished from the original.  High-qual...
How to restore hidden ProSim windows within the MIP section?
Issue Definition It is a rare but annoying problem when MCDU or display windows move to a different location or are not displayed at all after the computers are switched on. To be fair, this is not a ProSim problem. It happens when Windows (10 and 11) has some sort of "hiccup" when sorting the screen. Cause In a multi-windows environment, Windows d...
Prototyping in progress
We don't have to explain to you what we are developing here. But it's definitely going to be super exciting! :-) 
Let's be honest - we wouldn't be doing this job if we didn't enjoy it so incredibly much. 
VIER IM POTT supports LC Adler Bottrop
The LC Adler Bottrop e.V. promotes sports education and fitness for young people in a fantastic way. We are delighted to support this special athletics club in its work . 
Pick-up in Dresden
Are you planning to pick up your simulator in Dresden? Then stay the weekend. Or at least overnight. Dresden is absolutely worth a trip! 
3D printing
What do you think is coming out of the 3D printer right now? 
Impressions from our factory
The construction of flight simulators fascinates us. Well, quite honestly. It does. And we have a lot of fun with it every day. Not least because we enjoy working with machines. If you look at the pictures, you'll understand why.


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Die Produkte von VIER IM POTT und SKALARKI ELECTRONICS sind in keiner Weise mit den Flugzeugherstellern verbunden oder werden von ihnen unterstützt. Unsere Simulationsprodukte sind keine Originalteile der Flugzeughersteller und können nicht für professionelles Flugtraining verwendet werden. Sie ähneln funktionell den echten Teilen, die jedoch nicht in einem echten Flugzeug verwendet werden können. Sie dürfen nur zu Simulationszwecken verwendet werden.