Configuration: ADIRS aligned, but no PFD working
Initial situation Installed ProSimADIRS are alignedArtificial horizon is not active (red markers) Solution Please make the appropriate settings in ProSimSystem | Combined config:
Intercom for 3rd occupant seat
We have added a new feature to our product offering. The intercom system is already a central part of the communication system. On the one hand of course for ATC and corresponding services like VATSIM or IVAO. But also for the communication between the pilots.Until now, crew members who flew in the jump seat were excluded. They could neither listen...
Peiker Microphone Integration (Deutsche Luft- und Raumfahrt, DLR)
Today we want to introduce you to a really cool project that Jean from DLR has implemented for his in-house training programme. It is supposed to give the possibility to communicate with the simulated air traffic control from the cockpit. For this purpose, a Peiker microphone with push-to-talk function is connected to a LAN socket. This happens to ...
What is this???
One might think that our A320 has spent too much time with a Boeing. What happened there? Is this an April Fool's joke? If so, it would be a very bad joke... :-)But in fact it is not a joke. While the flight simulator community tries to become even more realistic every day, there is an industry where realism has to give way to effect. Exactly - the...
Professional Electric Rudders with Control Loading System (CLS)
A few months ago we announced the production of our new electric rudder pedals for the A320. In the meantime, the first sets have been delivered to customers all over the world and we are very happy about so much positive feedback.The mechanics of the pedals are completely electric and do not require an underfloor construction. Our software dr...
Flight to Westerland (Germany)
Every now and then I take the opportunity to spend some time in the simulator with my mother (now 90 years old!). This time it's from Düsseldorf to a place close to her heart. Namely to Sylt. My father spent a lot of time there. A good reason to take a look at the island from above. A flight like that always brings back wonderful memories and I'm h...
Software Compatibility
We often receive questions about which software we recommend and which is compatible with our hardware. The answer depends on various factors, which we would like to point out here. Hardware Environment ProSimA320 JeeHellFMGSFlyByWire (FBW)FlightSimLabs (FSL)FenixToLissFlightFactor (FF) Full Cockpit,two computers, multi- display Prepar3D yes yes---...
A320 Sidestick Mechanics Pro
We have listened very carefully to our customers and today we introduce the A320 Sidestick Mechanics Pro.The product, has been carefully designed and developed to meet the needs of our demanding customers. Based on our extensive experience in professional flight simulation, we have developed a sidestick that offers a very high level of realism and ...
Compact A320 training device
In the world of aviation training, maximising the use of available space for training devices is critical. We have thought about this and developed a particularly compact A320 Flight Simulation Training Devices (FSTDs). These innovative training devices offer a solution for airlines and flight schools with limited space, allowing them to deliver re...
Thierry, Flight Path Simulation (US)
We are pleased to introduce Thierry, a talented individual from the USA who has built a fantastic home cockpit. With dedication and expertise in the field of flight simulation, he was able to realise his dream of building his own A320 cockpit. Thierry's project serves as inspiration for anyone who wants to create their own flying experience at home...
VIER IM POTT Showroom Settings
We are often asked for our recommendation for settings in P3D. Due to many factors, there is no universal answer. However, we are happy to share with you the parameters that work well for us in terms of balanced graphics performance and stable frame rates.We use OrbX, Active Sky and various add-ons throughout our system. Especially with the latter,...
Professional Electric Rudder Pedals
We are pleased to announce a product that the market has been waiting for. The development of our electric rudder pedals has been completed and the first production batch is now in final assembly. The mechanics of the pedals are completely electric and require no underfloor construction. Due to extensive adjustment possibilities, the movement ...
Price adjustment
Dear customers, due to massively increased purchase costs for materials, we may be forced to adjust the prices of individual products by December 31, 2022. All orders that are bindingly placed until the end of the year are not affected by this adjustment. 


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