How to restore hidden ProSim windows within the MIP section?

Issue Definition

It is a rare but annoying problem when MCDU or display windows move to a different location or are not displayed at all after the computers are switched on. To be fair, this is not a ProSim problem. It happens when Windows (10 and 11) has some sort of "hiccup" when sorting the screen.


In a multi-windows environment, Windows defines a coordinate system with x and y axes to define the window positions. If a screen configuration changes, e.g. if one of the screens is not switched on at start-up, the coordinate system is recalculated by Windows. With the result that windows may no longer be in the original position.

Problem Solving

In the respective ProSim Display or MCDU folders there is a configuration file <config.xml>

This file contains the screen sizes and position in the Windows coordinate system.

If a window is no longer in the correct position or can no longer be found, the coordinates are usually incorrect or no longer valid. The simplest solution is to restore the coordinates from a backup. 

If this does not work, you should copy the coordinates of a working window into the affected one and then move the window manually to the correct position.

For positioning of windows please refer to the ProSimA320 manuel. Nevertheless, here are a few quick tips.

  • MCDU: Use double click to switch from fullscreen to windowmode. 
  • Display: Use F11 to switch from fullscreen to windowmode.

Then you can easily drag the window to its correct position. When closing the window, the coordinates are automatically saved and the window position will be correct again at the next start.

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