Additional Software

Despite of the mandatory software you need to run a Premium A320 Flight Simulator there is a couple of additional software you can use to increase realism and flight experience. In this article we list some ideas for additional software you might like. This list is based on our personal experience without claim of completeness.

Scenery and Airports

Orbx is a great source to improve your simulator visuals accros the entire globe. In other words. Orbx is more or less essential for every simulator. In addition you will find mamy add-on airports to improve your local scenery. We personally like the fact that all software comes with one central management software (Orbx Central) which makes installation and maintenance very easy.

Simmarket is a very big market place to find additional software. You can buy add-ons from different vendors in one central store. We personally like that you have all serial numbers and downloads in one single place.



Hifisimtech provides a software called Active Sky P3D. This add-on allows you to inject real weather into your simulator environment so that you can always fly under the current weather conditions. It also provides historical weather so you can recall interesting weather conditions any time.

TOGAprojects has quite nice software to improve colors, shadings and textures to acheive an ultimate visual experience in your simulator. We like the combination of Envtex and EnvShade especially in a multi-projector environment.


Navigation Data

Navigraph provides actuell navigational data for your flight planning and navigation systems. It has interfaces to all majore software add-ons that requires navigational data like waypoints, SIDs, STARs etc. We love the fact that you can use this software on PC and iPad as well. For us this software is mandatory if you want to keep your navigational data up do date. Navigraph provides this data based on a subscription model with a yearly fee. Data update is very easy via a download manager.


Flight Planning

Simbrief is the first point of contact if it comes to flight planning. This web based application makes flight planning really easy. You will not only get a very detailled OFP. You can also export your flight plan to different applications like P3D and other. Very useful: you can directly import a simbrief flightplan into the ProSimA320 FMS so that you don't need to type in your route manually.

SimToolkitPro is a very powerful flight simulation companion that provides a huge load of functions all around your flying activities. Flight planning, flight logging, landing reports, flight historie, live map, etc.


Ground Services

FS2Crew offers an add-on called Ultimate Ground Crew X. This add-on is integrated into P3D and provides several interactive ground services like Push-Back, follow-me car, marshalling and serveral emergencies. If you want to improve your ground experience then you should have a look into this tool.

Virtual Crew

Self-Loading-Cargo is a real-time simulation of passengers and cabin crew. It allows you to interact with a virtual crew, take care of passengers and make sure that your flight behaviour stays within acceptable limits. Otherwise you will hear screaming passengers....

Engine Sounds

Turbine Sound Studios offer a great replacement for the A320 engine sounds. For CFM as well as for the IAE engines.

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