Showroom Bottrop (2) - Preparing the room

After our fail with wall projection we are waiting for the parts of our custom curved screen. In the meantime we remove the wall and paint the showroom walls.

To answer the question of the painter: no, it's not going to be a SM studio... ;-)

The dark color will minimize reflections from the projection and let the visitor focus on the virtual environment.


Last month deliveries

During the last weeks we delivered several simulators to three continents of the world. As business seems to continue like this VIER IM POTT is searching for a larger production site.


a320 home cockpit production1

a320 home cockpit production2

a320 home cockpit production4

Functional Foot Rests

As you might know we have three options for A320 table and foot rests:

a) Fully functional table and foot rests

b) Table and foot rest dummy

c) Blind plate


Now we added a fourth option. Many of you are sitting a long time in the cockpit while flying. Foot rests give you the opportunity to change your seat position and raise your legs for a better blood circulation. That's why we decided to offer foot rests also without a working table.


foot rest


Alternate Gravity Gear Lever

We have added another product closing the A320 pedestal series: the Alternate Gravity Gear Lever.

This version of the handle is not functional but looks awesome and fits perfectly to our pedestal box.



alternate gear lever 2

Open Day @ Flightdeck L.E.

It's always a pleasure to see our clients being successfully running their business with our cockpits.

Today we would like to promote Flightdeck L.E. in Leipzig, Germany.

If you a flight simulation enthusiast and you can register your flight for free here.

le1 le1 le1

New Product version: Shell Size M

Dear all, we are happy to officially announce: the Shell Size M

As you might know the shell consists of a Shell Frame to which the various Lining Kit Elements are attached. The combination then results in a closed cockpit, which corresponds in its dimensions to an original cockpit. Many of our customers have a limitation in room size so we decided to design a closed cockpit that fits even in smaller rooms.

Dimensions 293 cm (width), 190 cm (depth), 180 cm (height)

In contrast to the Standard Shell, the Shell Size M ends after the side window. All other proportions also correspond to the original. Due to the shortened shell, the Aft Overhead Panel has to be dispensed with, but this has practically no effect in regular flight operations.

This version might also be a good alterantive if your room height is limited but you to not want to do without a 180 degree projection.


 Cockpit Size M 2


Here is the A320 Shell in Standard size for comparison:

 Cockpit 1 1

Showroom Bottrop - Projection (2)

We finally got an idea how to get the most out of the room dimensions. We combine a horseshoe projection area with very small diameter with ultra short throw projectors. We checked projector throw, space for working as well as view angles. In theory this should be the best possible solution.

BTW: I think it is a big advantage of the VIER IM POTT A320 simulator that there is no need for underfloor mechanics.

2017 02 11


Curved projection area horseshoe

view angle for A320 projection area

Showroom Bottrop

Hi all,

You have to recognize in time if you have lost. After lots of tests we have to admin, that projection on our room walls is not working as expected. 

First reason is limits in software. We simple did not find out how to calculate sharp edges with one projector. Second reason is that we did not find any projector position that is suitable (without digging a hole in the ground.)

It has been a great experience because we learned a lot. But for now we will head for a tight curved version to get the max out of this room.

Showroom Bottrop - Maths exams (2)

We have two new friends: COS and TAN. It wasn't love at the first sight but finally we made friends


In theory these points should be the reference for the distortion-free projection. The tension increases. We are really excited if this will somehow work.


Calculation of coordinates for reference points

pixel calc


Simulation of front reference points at flat front looks promising:

pixel front


Simulation of left and right side looks weired but remember we have some angles in the side walls

pixel side

Showroom Bottrop - Maths exams (1)

Nicola from Fly-Elise told us that our type of screen is not supported by Fly-Elise and therefore cannot be calculated by the program. For sure we don't blame this on the software. Our environment is indeed really tricky. To be honest - we did not expect that sort of trickyness.

Today we tried to do the first manual adjustments and quickly came to the conclusqion that this is a hopeless plan. So we went back to the desk and do some more theory.

We thought about the basic challenge. We think the major plan is to get the visual impression of a surround view on crazy angular walls. To start with a simply thought - we neglect the angled side walls try to project a round view on rectangular walls. To do so, we will need to calculate several positions of markers.

The sample below shows the different distance of markers on the wall based on this round view.

pro a320

Showroom Bottrop

Today we had enough time to do great progress on our internal project.

We spent a lot of time finding the most suitable projectors for our very special room situation. It came out that Vivitek projectos with a throw ratio around 0.3 will do the job. At least in theory. We have been able to calculate the room in Fly-Elise but at the end a technicality made us change the plan. The projector data in Fly-Elise have been correct, but these projectors throw the light via a mirror as they are designed to generate a very wide view even if they are close to a wall.

So all angles had been wrong. The problem was easily to solve as we have a very high room cover. So we place projectors much higher which resulted in a really amazing full view. Actually better than we expected.

Now as we got the proof of concept we will need to do fine adjustments and then mark the projection area. We plan to paint the room in black/dark-grey color to avoid unwanted reflections so we need to define the max projection area. To be sure that everything will be properly adjusted we now will need for the computers before we can do further amendments to the room.

IMG 7165

IMG 7168

IMG 7171

Showroom Bottrop - Projector Mounts

Admittedly. The picture looks a bit confusing. Due to the oblique walls, we do not want to fix the projectors on the ceiling, but on the side walls.For this we have thought of a combination of aluminum profiles and projector brackets. We'll see if it works like this.



Projectors have arrived. The excitement rises...

IMG 7106

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