Overhead Frame Assembly

The parts for our brand new overhead frame arrived. So let's see, if everything fits together... ;-)

Sidestickarea Grill (6)

Sidebase Grill stays a mystery!

Thanks to Andy we now know, that there is no cool air coming out of the grill when APU and PACKs are on. So the purpose of the grill is still a mystery.

Sidestickarea Grill (5)

This incredible discussion continues

Dennis A. has sent us another hint that sidebase grills are for airconditioning purpose. A look into A320 dokumentation shows that the outlets for aircon are quite near these grills and there are also a few other grills with the same part numbers in the cockpit - also near the aircon outlets.

Pressure equalization seems to be off the table as there are specific outlets for this at other places.

To check theorie: Anybody out there who can start APU and Packs and hold hand to the grill to check if cool air is coming out?



Sidestick Area Grill (4)

Additional theory!

Thanks to Chris we have an additional theory about sidestick area grill. It may be the case that this grill prevents the aircraft from getting damaged in case of a rapid decompression as it allows a quick pressure-equalizing.


Sidestick Area Grill (3)

+++ Update +++

We got news about the sidestick area grill. As technicians in MUC found out that there is nothing really behind that grill another visitor took a deep dive into the avionics compartment to find the reason for the existance of this grill.

New theory now is that this is for ventilation of the avionics area and an indicator e.g. for smell in the compartment.

Many thanks, Dennis!

We now know how to simulate smoking avionics.... :-)


Sidestick Area Grill (2)

Unbelievable story!

First response to our request concerning the sidebase grill was that this opening is for air ventilation. But this turned out to be false. As far as we could follow our good friend Andy forwarded this question to his pilot colleagues and this topic turned into an expert discussions.

With the result that some maintenance people at MUC (Munich Airport) disassembled this grill to find out what's behind. The result is: nothing! Most probably this thing is for maintenance of sidestick ....

Guys, it's us simmers who let you know your working equipment... ;-)


New Batch of Knobs

A new batch of knobs arrived. Now we are ready for Lelystad On-Site Sales..... ;-)

Sidestickarea Grill

We are working step by step on Sidestick Area. Today's challenge: The grill on the bottom of the stand.

Is there anybody out there who know what this grill is used for?



Last week we visited Chris Paulus from Cockpit Concept and had the chance for a live testing of his CPDLC. Very professional hard- and software with a high fun factor. Especially if you are flying in groups or with a flight instructor. Awesome!

It looks like we will see his DCUD in Lelystad.

Side Base Details

We currently have a lot to do in the background so because in November we want to exhibit in Lelystad for the first time. Until then, the long-announced products must be finished and tested. Therefore, currently many things run from parallel and there is relatively little new to report.

But we have some news from the Side Base. We have promised to add some details, such as the Floor Light and some other accessories. So we did. The ashtray however will not be considered. On the one hand we know enough airlines have expanded this part and on the other hand, our cockpit will be smoke-free - at least from cigarettes ;-)

Shell Frame

We increased stock level also for shell frame parts...


During the next weeks we plan to develop a shell frame version especially for smaller rooms.


Auch für den Shell-Frame haben wir den Lagerbestand erhöht...

In den nächsten Wochen wollen wir noch eine Version des Shell Frames speziell für kleine Räume entwickeln.

Sidestick and Bellow

Last months showed that we receive significant more orders than expected. Therefore we increased our stock level during the last weeks.


Es hat sich ja nun doch gezeigt, dass deutlich mehr Bestellungen eingehen als erwartet. Daher haben wir in den letzten Wochen (u.a.) ziemlich intensiv an unserem Warenbestand gearbeitet...

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