3D Model for CAD and visual planning

Some of you plan their flight simulator location in an own 3D environment. To make your planning work easier we provide a basic 3D model of our A320 simulator. Of course this model does not have too much details but it should allow you to estimate required space at your event location or your home.

Furthermore you can use this 3D model to plan your projection. Our partner Fly-Elise has a great software for this and you can import our model directly into their software to calculate position of your projectors and minimize shadow throw.


To download the model please register to our support portal.



Only good brands are copied... ;-)

You may ask you why we partly show very little details of our products on our website. Well, you can see below a reason for this.

There are people outside that not only take our product ideas and pictures but also copy our text and claims word by word.

We really feel flattered. Only cool brands are copied by others. ;-)







Testimonial from commercial customer Flightdeck L.E.

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We started in 2015 with the clear goal of building an A320 cockpit simulator for commercial use in Leipzig, Germany. At first we had to find a supplier for electrical parts and all required structural components. Ideally for a complete solution. Furthermore we needed a reliably partner who supports us and ensures that we can run our business continuously.

After some research we made contact with VIER IM POTT and after some kind email communication it became clear – we found the right partner for our project. On the pictures of their website everything looked very convincing and original but we wanted to see it in real before investing our money.

We took the chance to visit the production site in Dresden and we were quite impressed about quality of the cockpit components and the knowledge paired with enthusiasm of the VIER IM POTT team. All questions had been answered.

Once decision has been made we very excitingly looking forward to the delivery. Due to the distance to Dresden we picked up components ourselves and started building the simulator in Leipzig. As a very early customer we experienced some minor difficulties but the team was helping fast and solution oriented and we could clearly see that they wanted us to be successful.

Since October 2015 our simulator is on-duty now without any considerable problems. Our customers have a great flying experience and we receive 100 % positive feedback from our guests. Many thanks to VIER IM POTT! Our next simulator will be again from you guys – for sure…!


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We received this feedback from Mario almost one year after installation. So we took the chance to visit his simulator in Leipzig. It was fantastic to see his business growing.

Mario has realized so many really great ideas to make a flying event a remarkable experience for his customers. We never saw a simulator build with so much love to details. Many thanks for this experience, Mario! It was a real pleasure working with you.



logo fd le 002a


Dieskaustr. 423
04249 Leipzig

Planning projection area

As the dream of a round 220 degree projection area seems not to come true, we plan to use walls and ceiling as projection area. The expected result will not be round of course, but also have the 220 degree view.

First we need to contruct the front projection area. Challenge here: we will need to access the outside door for cleaning and sometimes get fresh air.

As we will not be able to make the projection area movable we trust in our personal degree of fitness and provide a 50 cm high passage below the projection area. ;-)


a sim berechnung 14


BTW. Dimensions seem to be ok - despite of the sloping walls of course. In general we have around 4.5 meters width and height. A real benefit will probably be the high ceiling as we can place the forward projector very high not disturbing the light of the side projectors. But this will be math in a few weeks.

a sim berechnung 12


The access door to the room does not seem to be place properly. But due to the sloping walls there es no other chance to place it - and it's already there...

 sim berechnung 11

Showroom in NRW, Germany

We place the simulator in the architectural environment of the house and test dimensions to get a feeling of the available space.

 sim berechnung 06

 sim berechnung 07

sim berechnung 08




First steps towards our new showroom in NRW, Germany

Some readers might remember that our plans to build a showroom in Bottrop needed to be postponed due to mining acitivties in the neighborhood. Coal mining in the "Ruhrgebiet"-area caused severe damages to our home and all plans had to be stopped.

But now we can start over again and detailled planning phase has begun. As always plans included some challenges and ours is - space. The simulator will be placed below the roof floor of our house. So we will have sloping walls. Plan is to establish a three projector set-up but in the first step we need to figure out if everything fits in general.

 sim berechnung 02
Picture shows planned projection area.


 sim berechnung 03







The secret of naming

Have you ever wondered where the name "VIER IM POTT" comes from? Well, the name has a history and this is a little hint to solve the puzzle... :-)

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New components configurator online! (BETA)


You want to select your components yourself But you don't want to buy a pre-defined product?

We offer a lot of options and most flexibility to fit your needs.

With our new online configurator tool you can assemble your desired components and calculate costs prior to any formal request. Quick and easy.

Try it out here


EasyJet pilots testing our products

One of our first customers had a visit from two easyJet pilots. A good change to test our products and the new beta version of ProSim A320. Thanks for the picture, Pim.




Out for delivery (France)

Did we say we personally deliver our products within Europe? Maybe we should think about this again. Delivery to France. The first traffic jam at 5:00 a.m.



And the last in the late afternoon.


You can bet we love this job. But sometimes it's really hard... ;-)



Out for delivery (Hamburg)

Deliveries within Europe are most likely done by ourselves. Our directly by our customers who pick-up parts in Dresden. Last week an A320 shell has been delivered to Hamburg...





Floor Box Series

First series of floor boxes. Not finished and still unpainted but already looking promising... ;-)

IMG 20160530 WA0002

IMG 20160602 WA0003


Custom Shell Solution

We are always ready for special challenges. This time our customer had less than 2.5 m width available for his cockpit. We designed a solution that needs even less space but gives a very impressive feeling while flying.

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Fredrik (Sweden)

Just wanted to tell you that the simulator arrived 15th of April and everyone here is VERY impressed! It looks fantastic, and I can hardly tell the difference from the real thing. It´s now under construction and I will send pictures when it´s all put together. I might have a few questions regarding technical details along the way.
Tell your team that you are all doing a great job, and I will recommend you to anyone who is interested.

Thank you for excellent customer support.

Many thanks for your kind words, Fredrik. Whenever you need assistance please contact us. We are happy to help.

Julio (Chile)


It took me less than 3 hours and very little help of my wife to build the cockpit frame. Very well done and very simple instructions. Quality is superb and the help from you in the purchasing period was unsurpased. I had a very specific request because some space issues and you kindly provided me a solution that suited my needs."

It was a pleasure to work with you, Julio!

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