VIER IM POTT delivers flight simulators to commercial and private customers all over the world. We are proud to report that one of our A320 Premium Plug & Fly Simulators successfully made it half around the world to the Philippines. Michael and his team did an excellent job setting up the simulator with only very little remote support. Thank you for a great project!

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Dear all, 

For customers with limited space we invented a new product to hold the front overhead and reduce the neccessary size of the simulator to a further minimum. The A320 front overhead is suitable for a dual and a single seat cockpit especially when you don't have enough depth in your room. The stand is made from powder coated steel and looking very nice. Your cables are well covered by an internal cable duct.

The A320 overhead stand can also be used for mobile solutions.

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 You will find the dimensions in our shop:

Most of us are currently in a lockdown and cannot go anywhere. Let's jump into the flight simulator and dream about your next destination...

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IMG 5384

We are happy to announce that VIER IM POTT has successfully delivered a FSTD to South America. With our modular open trainer the VOR Training & Flight Solutions S.A.C. has chosen a cost effective solution to do pilot training.




Did you know! Projector bulbs loos up to 50 % of its brightness over the years. This is the reason why we deliver our professional computer packages with spare bulbs - to ensure investment security!

After almost five years of use we change the lamps in our showroom in Bottrop.

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IMG 5361

IMG 5363

Did you notice? With the latest stable version 1.43 of the ProSim A320 you can now import flightplans from Simbrief directly into the FMS. So no need to type in waypoint by waypoint into the MCDU anymore! This is how it works.

1. Generate your flight plan in Simbrief.

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2. On the INIT-Page press "REQUEST*".

IMG 5053


3. After a few moments you will find the INIT page filled with the date from Simbrief.

IMG 5054


4. Same with the flight plan on the F-PLN page.

IMG 5055


5. Also most values on the Init Fuel Prediction page are already filled in.

IMG 5056


Many thanks to the ProSim development team for adding this useful function!

The entire VIER IM POTT team wishes you a good start into the new year and good health and success!

With lots of fresh motivation and new computer power we enter the new year 2021! After almost five years on duty our main simulator computer gets a significant upgrade.

IMG 5063

IMG 5069

Dear all! 

From December 18th 2020 we will let this year fade out. We are back on January 5th 2021.

See you next year. Stay safe and confident!


From time to time we allow young and enthusiastic people to visit our showroom and gain their first experience in our A320 cockpit. It is our aim to give future pilots an insight into the world of aviation.
Last summer, Nora and Moritz visited us and - it seems - had a lot of fun trying out our simulator.


PS: This event took place at a time when a flight in the cockpit was possible without any problems taking into account the necessary hygiene measures. The youngsters were alone in the cockpit during the entire flight and - except for the picture - always wore a protective mouth and nose cover.

Dear all,

With effect from November 2, the German federal government decided on extensive measures to combat the corona pandemic. For this reason, the showroom in Bottrop will initially be closed to visitors until the end of November. Interested parties can arrange a video tour at any time. Production and shipping logistics are not affected and continue to work under increased hygiene and distance rules.

Stay safe!

We are happy do announce that Sim Aviation Bordeaux has decided for our Premium Plug & Fly A320 Flight Simulator solution. Go and visit them here:


Happy Landings and good luck for your opening!


We started a new product development to enhance realism especially to private and commercial entertainment customers who want to achieve maximum immersion. Stay tuned!

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