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Most of us are currently in a lockdown and cannot go anywhere. Let's jump into the flight simulator and dream about your next destination...
Sim Aviation Bordeaux - Welcome to the VIER IM POTT family!
We are proud to welcome another member of the VIER IM POTT family. Sim Aviation has recently opened a brand new professional flight experience center
VIER IM POTT delivers FSTD to training center in Lima (Peru)
We are happy to announce that VIER IM POTT has successfully delivered a FSTD to South America. With our modular open trainer the VOR Training &am
Brightness of projector lamps
Did you know! Projector bulbs loos up to 50 % of its brightness over the years. This is the reason why we deliver our professional computer packages w
ProSim Interface to Simbrief
Did you notice? With the latest stable version 1.43 of the ProSim A320 you can now import flightplans from Simbrief directly into the FMS. So no need
Youth day at VIER IM POTT
From time to time we allow young and enthusiastic people to visit our showroom and gain their first experience in our A320 cockpit. It is our aim to g
Have a look at our beautiful workplace
Have a look at our workplace. Beautiful, isn't it?  
Sim Aviation Bordeaux
We are happy do announce that Sim Aviation Bordeaux has decided for our Premium Plug & Fly A320 Flight Simulator solution. Go and visit them here:
New Product Development...
We started a new product development to enhance realism especially to private and commercial entertainment customers who want to achieve maximum immer
Potential customers do an intense simulator testing.
Successful in depth testing of our A320 full shell by some competent members of the avation industry. Many thanks for taking the time to visit our sho
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Our showroom in Bottrop, NRW is open for private and business customers. We look forward to your visit.

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VIER IM POTT and SKALARKI ELECTRONICS products are in no way affiliated or endorsed by the aircraft manufacturers. Our simulation products are no genuine aircraft manufacturer parts and cannot be used for professional flight training. They functionally resemble the real parts, that cannot be used in a real aircraft and should only be used for simulation purposes.