A320 | Cockpit Backwall

11.840,50 € (9.950,00 € excl VAT) each

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The rear wall is part of our unique modular system from VIER IM POTT. 

We paid attention to many details in the back wall. The fuse panels are not functional, but they look completely real. The cockpit door has a corresponding peephole. The door itself is a sliding door so that we do not exceed the existing external dimensions. For safety reasons it cannot be locked.

The upholstery is made of the same material as the cockpit seats, namely the original fabric Airbus also uses for their seats. This creates a harmonious overall appearance and you will feel very comfortable in the cockpit.

A special highlight is the Third Occupant Seat. Like the original, it can be folded in and out. When folded in, it interferes relatively little with freedom of movement. To use it, it is first moved to the side. Then the seat and the upper section can be unfolded. The seat is then in line with the pedestal and is surprisingly comfortable.


  • closed backwall system
  • working sliding door
  • functional observer seat
  • original fabric
  • circuit braker panels (dummy)
  • trays
  • coat hooks

The backwall requires a Shell Frame Standard. Existing simulators with a standard shell size can be upgraded. 


A320 | Cockpit Backwall


The view from the captain's seat towards the first officer is impressive.


The seat is already very impressive when folded and allows maximum freedom of movement in the cockpit.


Folded out, the seat offers a quite comfortable place for a third person in the cockpit.


The closed cockpit is a real highlight of the simulator and its effect cannot be overestimated.


The attention to detail such as fuse panels and storage compartments make the back wall very realistic.

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