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Why my co-pilot sees the world differently to me!
In flight simulation, the environment is usually transmitted via a screen or TV monitors. This creates a physical effect. What is straight for one pil...
When switched off projectors are not recognised by Windows 11
During computer maintenance and when we want to try something out, we usually have our projectors switched off to save power and wear and tear. Howeve...
New 4K visual system - Part 3 - Warping
Warping is the most demanding part of the conversion in terms of software. We use Immersive Designer Pro for planning with our customers because it is...
New 4K visual system - Part 2 - Installation
New day. Firstly, we prepare the installation of the projectors. To do this, we first fit the projector holders to the projectors. Then the first proj...
New 4K visual system - Part 1 - Preparations
The preparations have been finalised. We have bought three new projectors. Optoma with 4K resolution. You have to realise that we have a very special ...
Configuration: ADIRS aligned, but no PFD working
Initial situation Installed ProSimADIRS are alignedArtificial horizon is not active (red markers) Solution Please make the appropriate settings i...
Peiker Microphone Integration (Deutsche Luft- und Raumfahrt, DLR)
Today we want to introduce you to a really cool project that Jean from DLR has implemented for his in-house training programme. It is supposed to give...
Software Compatibility
We often receive questions about which software we recommend and which is compatible with our hardware. The answer depends on various factors, which w...
VIER IM POTT Showroom Settings
We are often asked for our recommendation for settings in P3D. Due to many factors, there is no universal answer. However, we are happy to share with ...
Tutorial - Cockpit Ventilation System
In a closed cockpit, the air can get a bit stuffy. Especially when several pilots are working in it for a long time with strenuous approach training. ...
Sidebase Configuration Options for Cockpit Builder
Our cockpits are very modular and we have different options for the sidebase. Sidestick handle  Bellow Tiller The sidestick mechanism i...
How to restore hidden ProSim windows within the MIP section?
Issue Definition It is a rare but annoying problem when MCDU or display windows move to a different location or are not displayed at all after the com...

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