Last month deliveries

During the last weeks we delivered several simulators to three continents of the world. As business seems to continue like this VIER IM POTT is searching for a larger production site.


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Open Day @ Flightdeck L.E.

It's always a pleasure to see our clients being successfully running their business with our cockpits.

Today we would like to promote Flightdeck L.E. in Leipzig, Germany.

If you a flight simulation enthusiast and you can register your flight for free.


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Functional Foot Rests

As you might know we have three options for A320 table and foot rests:

a) Fully functional table and foot rests

b) Table and foot rest dummy

c) Blind plate


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Alternate Gravity Gear Lever

We have added another product closing the A320 pedestal series: the Alternate Gravity Gear Lever.

This version of the handle is not functional but looks awesome and fits perfectly to our pedestal box.



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The next project has started

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Busy days...

The team is working on orders while we are looking for more space.... ;-)


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FSweekend 2016 (Dissassembly)

After a great show the simulator is pushed back into our van and off we go.... ;-)

Ricarda, Kevin, Ben and Christian

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FSweekend 2016

Thanks to all customers who have visited us at this years FSweekend in Lelystad. It was again a real pleasure to see many of you again and to see new customers who are into flying an A320.

This time we showed a complete cockpit. The team managed to set the simulator up on a Friday night within 3 hours after a drive of more than 700 kilometers!

Setup almost done... ;-)


Christian doing business... ;-)

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Flight Simulation is about passion and dedication. And even our van for European deliveries shows this dedication.... ;-)

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Only good brands are copied... ;-)

You may ask you why we partly show very little details of our products on our website. Well, you can see below a reason for this.

There are people outside that not only take our product ideas and pictures but also copy our text and claims word by word.

We really feel flattered. Only cool brands are copied by others. ;-)



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Testimonial from commercial customer Flightdeck L.E.


We started in 2015 with the clear goal of building an A320 cockpit simulator for commercial use in Leipzig, Germany. At first we had to find a supplier for electrical parts and all required structural components. Ideally for a complete solution. Furthermore we needed a reliably partner who supports us and ensures that we can run our business continuously.

After some research we made contact with VIER IM POTT and after some kind email communication it became clear – we found the right partner for our project. On the pictures of their website everything looked very convincing and original but we wanted to see it in real before investing our money.

We took the chance to visit the production site in Dresden and we were quite impressed about quality of the cockpit components and the knowledge paired with enthusiasm of the VIER IM POTT team. All questions had been answered.

Once decision has been made we very excitingly looking forward to the delivery. Due to the distance to Dresden we picked up components ourselves and started building the simulator in Leipzig. As a very early customer we experienced some minor difficulties but the team was helping fast and solution oriented and we could clearly see that they wanted us to be successful.

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The secret of naming

Have you ever wondered where the name "VIER IM POTT" comes from? Well, the name has a history and this is a little hint to solve the puzzle... :-)

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EasyJet pilots testing our products

One of our first customers had a visit from two easyJet pilots. A good change to test our products and the new beta version of ProSim A320. Thanks for the picture, Pim.



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Floor Box Series

First series of floor boxes. Not finished and still unpainted but already looking promising... ;-)


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Out for delivery (France)

Did we say we personally deliver our products within Europe? Maybe we should think about this again. Delivery to France. The first traffic jam at 5:00 a.m.


And the last in the late afternoon.

You can bet we love this job. But sometimes it's really hard... ;-)


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Out for delivery (Hamburg)

Deliveries within Europe are most likely done by ourselves. Our directly by our customers who pick-up parts in Dresden. Last week an A320 shell has been delivered to Hamburg...




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Custom Shell Solution

We are always ready for special challenges. This time our customer had less than 2.5 m width available for his cockpit. We designed a solution that needs even less space but gives a very impressive feeling while flying.

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FS Konferenz Berlin 2016

Many thanks to our visitors at the FS Konferenz in Berlin last week. It was a real pleasure to be there with there.


Customers testing our A320 setup in detail.


In Berlin we presented some parts of our lining kit series.

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A320 Shell Components Test Assembly

The first components from the current shell series are assembled and tested before painting. Watch out all the details and realistic look!

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FSweekend 2015

VIER IM POTT at the FSweekend 2015 in Lelystad, Netherlands. Many thanks for visiting us.
It was a real pleasure to meet existing customers, potential new customers, partners and many friends from the FS scene. We had a fantastic time and hope to see you all next time again.


The VIER IM POTT exhibition team: Kevin, Ben, Ricarda and Christian

Touch it, feel it. Our visitors are invited to test all knobs and functions...

After work party in the hotel... ;-)

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