EasyJet pilots testing our products

One of our first customers had a visit from two easyJet pilots. A good change to test our products and the new beta version of ProSim A320. Thanks for the picture, Pim.



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Floor Box Series

First series of floor boxes. Not finished and still unpainted but already looking promising... ;-)


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Out for delivery (France)

Did we say we personally deliver our products within Europe? Maybe we should think about this again. Delivery to France. The first traffic jam at 5:00 a.m.


And the last in the late afternoon.

You can bet we love this job. But sometimes it's really hard... ;-)


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Out for delivery (Hamburg)

Deliveries within Europe are most likely done by ourselves. Our directly by our customers who pick-up parts in Dresden. Last week an A320 shell has been delivered to Hamburg...




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Custom Shell Solution

We are always ready for special challenges. This time our customer had less than 2.5 m width available for his cockpit. We designed a solution that needs even less space but gives a very impressive feeling while flying.

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FS Konferenz Berlin 2016

Many thanks to our visitors at the FS Konferenz in Berlin last week. It was a real pleasure to be there with there.


Customers testing our A320 setup in detail.


In Berlin we presented some parts of our lining kit series.

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A320 Shell Components Test Assembly

The first components from the current shell series are assembled and tested before painting. Watch out all the details and realistic look!

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FSweekend 2015

VIER IM POTT at the FSweekend 2015 in Lelystad, Netherlands. Many thanks for visiting us.
It was a real pleasure to meet existing customers, potential new customers, partners and many friends from the FS scene. We had a fantastic time and hope to see you all next time again.


The VIER IM POTT exhibition team: Kevin, Ben, Ricarda and Christian

Touch it, feel it. Our visitors are invited to test all knobs and functions...

After work party in the hotel... ;-)

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From theory...


...to reality!

 Prototype has been finished!

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Flight Sim Show 2015 at Cosford RAF Museum

Busy weekend. We had a great time yesterday at Cosford RAF Museum showing the latest developments to the public. Thanks to all our visitors for their interest and a lot of nice conversations.




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How to mount a sidestick on a Logitech Attack 3 Joystick


We often get the question, how to install a side stick on a joystick mechanic. Markus from Austria has kindly taken the trouble and documented the whole procedure for cockpit builders:

 Tools you need:

  • Wood Saw
  • Wirecutter
  • telephone pliers
  • Dremel (alternative: file)
  • Soldering iron (15W) + solder
  • Allen wrench


1. Remove of the original handle
Remove all the screws on the handle, (there are two screws below the rubber sleeve). On the bottom part of the handle there is a tap that holds the two parts of the handle together.

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Shell Prototyping

Shell prototyping in progress. Shortly we will have all openings closed and production of the final parts will start.

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MIP 2.0

We have completely redesigned the MIP structure. More metal, more stability, more durability but still the same great real look and feel.

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Side Base Stability Test

Ben demonstrates stability of our new side bases. Probably you can also throw them out of the window without any damage, but we did not try... ;-)

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Side Base 2.0 - First pictures

The new side bases have lots of details like the structured surface, floor light preparation, lamp holder, etc.

But the most important difference is that they are now made of fiber glass. This makes the side base very stable! We will soon proof this... ;-)


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Working on the A320 shell and lining kit

We continue working on the shell and the interior lining kit with high priority. Meanwhile 3D becomes a reality...

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New waypoint to fly to....!

Thanks to a very kind A320 captain we now have an official waypoint to fly to...! ;-)

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Side Base Plug and Play (PnP)

This little box and a lot of testing brought us near to the side base as PnP (plug and play) version. This solution will have an USB connection only per sidebase. Quick and easy to connect without any more technical issues to solve.

So please press thumbs and we soon will have your headache by building it. ;-)

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Rudder Pedals

We receive lots of requests for rudder pedals. For stand alone rudders as well as dual linked ones. So we simply decided to develop some. 3D drawings are done and we are about to start working on the first physical prototype.

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"Open-Day" on May, 29th 2015 in Dresden

Many thanks for visiting us at our first Open-Day in Dresden. For us it was fantastic to meet you and have you with us.

Have a close look...

Discuss and look behind the scenes...

Learn what we do and how we do it...


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