Showroom Bottrop (10) - Prepare warping

After adjusting projectors we can start with configuration of the visual. (Apologize screens in German language).

We know that there are probably much better tutorials out there but we decided to publish our way. Maybe it's helpful for some of you.

Important: As we learnd you should use separate screens. In our case screen 2, 3 and 1. Display 4 is our maintenance computer. Do not use nVidia surround in combination with P3D.

warp 01


We will user Fly-Elise Immersive Calibration PRO to prepare warping and edge blending.

First we start the client.exe and select three times 1 x 1 projectors. Of course not for our maintenance display.

warp 01


Then we start Immersive Calibration PRO Server and create a new project.

warp 01


As we have three projectors in one row we select "No Stacking".

warp 01


Our screen is curved like a horseshoe. So - surprise, surprise - we choose "Horseshoe" and "Map on projector"

warp 01



warp 01


In the next steps we choose the right combination of projectors (3 x 1)m, correct native solution and match remote projectors with our combination. In our case -5760 is left, 3840 is the center projector and 1920 is the right projector.

warp 01

warp 01

warp 09


So. Now we are ready to do the major adjustments.

Showroom Bottrop (8) - Finishing projection area

The first elements of the screen are in place. And this time it seems that everything works nice and easy. We chose 2 mm polystyrene for the screen. Thanks to the little overhang at the lower structure the main weight of the plates are directly held.



To glue the plates to the structure we search very long time for some sort of glue that makes drilling and filling obsolete. It seems that we found a good solution.



 The polystyrene plates fit perfectly to the structure...



...without even thinking about using screws...!




Showroom Bottrop (7) - Technical ideas

Wiring of power supply has been done. Projectors, sim, computers and network environment can now be switched on and off via the central 19" computer rack. This is more a matter of convenience than a technical issue. Due to the narrowness of the room and the projection area we don't want to crawl just to switch on some power.


Projectors are wired

Projectors are wired.


Central power supply with relays

Central power supply with relays


Power switches inside the 19" computer rack

Power switches inside the 19" computer rack

Showroom Bottrop (6) - 220 degree view with only 3.36 m diameter

We will now have to wait a few days for the screen surface to arrive. So we continue to prepare projection.


beamer setup home cockpit

We will use same ultra short throw projectors as the projection area has now only a diameter of 3.36 m!


beamer setup 2

There will be some fine tuning to do. Especially regarding the position of the projectors to avoid distortion and heat problems. One hot air exhaust must not directly blow towards a sensitive area of another projector. But this time the result looks much better than before. Don't be confused by the distortions on the ceiling. It's the projection area that counts this time ;-)

Let's plan the next steps.

Showroom Bottrop (5) - Custom projection area

Due to the specific wall and ceiling situation we needed to find a custom solution for our projection area. Today we assemble our construction.


flight simulator custom projection screen1

Preparation of elements.


flight simulator custom projection screen2

Right aft section completed.


flight simulator custom projection screen3

Working on front section. In total we will have four sections.


flight simulator custom projection screen4

Right front and aft section joined.


flight simulator custom projection screen5

Structure is completed. Ups - except one missing profile we forgot to order....;-)

Showroom Bottrop (4) - Floor mount

Showroom Bottrop A320 Cockpit Floor Preparation

Computers are now rack-mounted and prepared. The room is finally ready for the cockpit floor.


A320 cockpit floor arrived

Cockpit floor delivered.


Cockpit floor preparation

We decided to use the standard VIER IM POTT cockpit floor for the shooroom without any modifications.


Mount A320 cockpit floor

Assembly instruction seems rather unnecessary.


A320 flight simulator cockpit floor finished

Well, this was no challenge at all. It hardly took 10 minutes.

Showroom Bottrop (3) - Preparing computer

Computers arrived and we are ready to start fitting the 19" rack with computer power. The team was so kind to paint the rack in a matching color so that it will match with the room concept.




Showroom Bottrop (2) - Preparing the room

After our fail with wall projection we are waiting for the parts of our custom curved screen. In the meantime we remove the wall and paint the showroom walls.

To answer the question of the painter: no, it's not going to be a SM studio... ;-)

The dark color will minimize reflections from the projection and let the visitor focus on the virtual environment.


Last month deliveries

During the last weeks we delivered several simulators to three continents of the world. As business seems to continue like this VIER IM POTT is searching for a larger production site.


a320 home cockpit production1

a320 home cockpit production2

a320 home cockpit production4

Functional Foot Rests

As you might know we have three options for A320 table and foot rests:

a) Fully functional table and foot rests

b) Table and foot rest dummy

c) Blind plate


Now we added a fourth option. Many of you are sitting a long time in the cockpit while flying. Foot rests give you the opportunity to change your seat position and raise your legs for a better blood circulation. That's why we decided to offer foot rests also without a working table.


foot rest


Alternate Gravity Gear Lever

We have added another product closing the A320 pedestal series: the Alternate Gravity Gear Lever.

This version of the handle is not functional but looks awesome and fits perfectly to our pedestal box.



alternate gear lever 2

Open Day @ Flightdeck L.E.

It's always a pleasure to see our clients being successfully running their business with our cockpits.

Today we would like to promote Flightdeck L.E. in Leipzig, Germany.

If you a flight simulation enthusiast and you can register your flight for free here.

le1 le1 le1

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