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New Product Development...

We started a new product development to enhance realism especially to private and commercial entertainment customers who want to achieve maximum immersion. Stay tuned!


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Potential customers do an intense simulator testing.

Successful in depth testing of our A320 full shell by some competent members of the avation industry. Many thanks for taking the time to visit our showroom in Bottrop, NRW, Germany!

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Explore our VIER IM POTT A320 Flight Simulator in 3D

Visit our VIER IM POTT showroom virtually. Enter your text here ...

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Where do you want to fly today...?

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Advanced A320 Tiller

We have a new product version available. The new A320 tiller is more robust and has a better durability and quality. It's delivered wired with connectors to compatible with common USB game controller or joystick cards. The indicator panel is now backlighted.

Find details in our shop.


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Customer Feedback from Günter W.

After delivery of the individual parts of the simulator, the individual parts were assembled mechanically and electrically with instructions and super support. The basic structure with all the associated planning and preparations such as room design took about 1 year.

In the event of problems or defective parts, help was given immediately, many thanks to the support team!

The concept and quality of the simulator are well coordinated. If you want a simulator “as real as it gets”, you've come to the right place. All in all, this is a quality product and worth every penny for enthusiastic pilots! I am very satisfied with the delivered product and it is modularly expandable!

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VIER IM POTT cockpit is now a movie star on NETFLIX!

We are very proud to announce that our cockpit plays an important role in the NETFLIX production "Into the Night".

The well-known film production company Nu Boyana chose VIER IM POTT due to the reality and the modular structure of the cockpit shell.


Note: This is a feature film series. The actions in the flight simulator are (absolutely) not according to any flying standards (You will see!). In addition, modifications were made to the shell due to cinematic considerations!

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From the production center...

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Stormy Sabine...

Stormy ride into Eindhoven. Sabine is kicking our a..... Kudos to real pilots who can professionally fly in these conditions.

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Update from our favorite single seat cockpit customer in Switzerland...

Rudy, you've raised the upper limit again..!

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EATS 2019 in Berlin

Thank you for stopping by our booth at EATS 2019 in Berlin this week! 

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Visit us at the EATS (European Airline Training Symposium)

Visit us at the European Airline Training Symposium
29-30 October 2019

And learn more about our professional training solutions.

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A320 Sidestick Handle with Original Take-over Button

We are happy to announce that our A320 sidestick handles now have an even better quality than before. We offer the new ones at the same price as the previous ones (149 EUR net price).

In addition to that we introduce our professional sidestick handles with an original take-over-button. This button has an impressive haptic feel and the characteristic "click" sound like the original. Price is 179 EUR net per piece. Only while supplies last.



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The Pilot Center business launch

We are happy to announce that VIER IM POTT has finished its first project in Greece. The Pilot Center recently opened its doors to the public giving customers extraordinary flight experience in Athens.

When you are in Athens, make sure you visit: The Pilot Center



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Cleaning day...

With a little love the sim will look like brand new and never used. Just remove dust and clean windows...

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VIER IM POTT goes to the movies!

We proudly announce that one of our full scope simulators is going to play the lead role in a movie! The production team has choosen VIER Im POTT as our products are very realistic and modular in use. We eagerly await the release.


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Only cool brands are copied (part 3)

Another chapter of the book "only cool brands are copied".... :-)

We found this product by chance on the internet. It looks a lot like our original in the photo.

Actually, it's cool when we find one of our product images in a foreign shop.

Unfortunately have no business relationship with this company. We therefore doubt that customers will receive this product when purchasing it.

And look at the logo, color and the claim "Next generation ...". Guys, we are honored :-)

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It's not always about business

No it's not! Flying with real flight simulation enthusiasts can be a lot of fun. Thanks Tommi and Anna for a great evening with a lot of laughter and sweating. The 60 million EUR bill for the broken plane you get in the next few days ... :-)

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A320 Commercial Entertainment


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Stay informed

We will be happy to inform you about news.


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