Did you know that it's possible to let us customize your parts if necessary?

In this example we have cut 10 cm of the F/O side base and changed position of tiller to make it it into a small room.


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Our current production slot ends on end of February. So lots to do today. The team spends the whole Saturday painting more than 100 parts.




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Production of side bases in progress...

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Impressions from our A320 cockpit at FSweekend 2014

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Lelystad 2014 live

Friday, October 31st 2014 - Day 0

Hi all,

We arrived at Lelystad Aerodrome and started to setup our booth. Tomorrow will be showtime! ;-)


Saturday, November 1st 2014 - Day 1

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Launch Day!

Meanwhile, we have been working for over three years with the construction of our home cockpit. Last year around the same time we took a self-developed pedestal box to Lelystad and have carefully tested the market.

In the last 12 months we have intensively constructed modules, developed products and built prototypes. Day and night!

And today, a week before the FSweekend 2014, we are ready!



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Only a few days until FSweekend

It's getting excited. We start to pack our things. Shell Frame got partially disassembled to fit into our van. We hope to build it up again withing 30 minutes... ;-)

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Another look on our workbench

This is an older picture showing production of some MIP covers for our prototype.

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Backlighting for Tillers

Hi all,

Well another question on side base. Hope this time it will be a bit easier to answer. ;-)

As far as we could find out the tiller panel has its own backlighting. And for sure - you can dimm this panel like all others. Does anybody know by which dimm knob this backlight is controlled?

Your help is very appreciated!

+++ UPDATE +++

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Overhead Frame Assembly

The parts for our brand new overhead frame arrived. So let's see, if everything fits together... ;-)

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Customer Pictures of Shell Frame Light

Many thanks, Marco, for submitting these nice pictures!
Happy landings!


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Sidestickarea Grill

We are working step by step on Sidestick Area. Today's challenge: The grill on the bottom of the stand.

Is there anybody out there who know what this grill is used for?

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