How to restore hidden ProSim windows within the MIP section?

Issue Definition It is a rare but annoying problem when MCDU or display windows move to a different location or are not displayed at all after the computers are switched on. To be fair, this is not a ProSim problem. It happens when Windows (10 and 11...

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Prototyping in progress

We don't have to explain to you what we are developing here. But it's definitely going to be super exciting! :-) 

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Let's be honest - we wouldn't be doing this job if we didn't enjoy it so incredibly much. 

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VIER IM POTT supports LC Adler Bottrop

The LC Adler Bottrop e.V. promotes sports education and fitness for young people in a fantastic way. We are delighted to support this special athletics club in its work . 

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Pick-up in Dresden

Are you planning to pick up your simulator in Dresden? Then stay the weekend. Or at least overnight. Dresden is absolutely worth a trip! 

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3D printing

What do you think is coming out of the 3D printer right now? 

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Impressions from our factory

The construction of flight simulators fascinates us. Well, quite honestly. It does. And we have a lot of fun with it every day. Not least because we enjoy working with machines. If you look at the pictures, you'll understand why.

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Cockpit-Building in progress

Our customer Carsten decided on a Single Seater as a self-assembly kit. The construction is progressing well. Keep it up!

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Series production

After our products have gone through a prototype process, series production begins. Here, for example, our new rudder pedals. 

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A320 MIP Panel

We try to make our products as realistic as possible. For example, the MIP. The look is so exciting because we deliberately didn't go for the perfect fit of the instruments. You don't get that in a real cockpit either.

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Our factory site in Dresden

We produce the components for our simulators at several locations in Dresden. In addition to our international partners, all parts developed by us are "Made in Germany". If you want to pick up your simulator yourself? We are always happy to welcome y...

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OEM sidestick mechanic

Nothing beats the original. The team has interfaced an OEM sidestick mechanic for one of our professional customers. 

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Sometimes customers call for quick help

Then it is our job not to ask many questions and to help quickly. We are pleased that we were able to resolve the problem at short notice and that the customer was able to continue working.

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Ready for shipping

It is early in the morning. And it's crisp temperatures. The team is taking a complete simulator on its way to Italy to a commercial customer. 

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Piece of art

Sometimes we think that our products are art... :-) 

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Christmas Break

Dear all! 

From December 20th 2021 we will let this year fade out. We are back on January 10th 2022.

See you next year. Stay safe and confident!


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NETFLIX Into the night - Season 2 - Using VIER IM POTT Flight Simulator again!

We are proud to tell you that the new Netflix production "Into the night" uses our VIER IM POTT flight simulator for the cockpit internal scenes in the new season 2. Due to Covid restrictions all over Europe the cockpit was transported from the season 1 shooting location in Sofia to Brussels. There the scenes for season 2 have been taken. Watch the trailer here.



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Customer projects

We love to see customer projects growing. Many thanks for sharing these prictures, Ian!

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Tripadvisor Travellers’ Choice 2021 Award for The Pilot Center

Congratulations to our customer The Pilot Center in Athens, Greece  for the award as Travellers’ Choice 2021 by Tripadvisor. You have done a remarkable job and we are proud that we were able to support with our A320 flight simulator.

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Film shooting in the showroom

Some young and committed film students have decided to make a short film. The story is not revealed, but it takes place in an airplane cockpit. We were happy to support the young people and made the showroom simulator available. The short film is to be shown at various film festivals. We are looking forward to the result.



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Stay informed

We will be happy to inform you about news.


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